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March 20, 2010

Work: For Love or Money? (or Love of Money?)

"Work". It's a four-letter word you can't avoid (present political climate not withstanding).

But why exactly does someone "work"?

The answer is simple: For the money!

It's not politically or socially correct to say it but everyone who works does it for the money. It is true that many people like their work, find it rewarding on some level, get a sense of achievement or accomplishment, etc. All good things. But never over look the money!

Anyone who says the money doesn't matter to them is either a fool or a liar! (or both!)

Finding work you like (or at least can tolerate) is important. Trust MasterPo when he says that working a job or field that you can't stand is the worst thing in the world – no matter how much you are being paid! But a warm feeling and an empty wallet is worth only the empty wallet. Sometimes you have to suck it up and deal as best you can with a bad situation that pays.

Now MasterPo is sure some readers are shaking their heads like a dashboard bobble head doll at what was just said. But think about it:

If money wasn't important then why do people teachers and nurses and police/fire go on strike?

After all, isn't helping people what their work is all about?
Shouldn't they want to be in the field to help others more then themselves?

(MasterPo is not picking on teachers, nurses, police or firemen!!)

You can have a job you love or a job that pays well.

Ideally, find one that has both.

But if it comes down to it, take the job that pays.


Grace. said...

I don't think you'll be surprised to find I disagree. IF the choice is between a job you love that pays OK or a job you hate that pays very well, I say go with the former. However, if we're just talking about jobs that are tolerable, then go for the money. Part of the basic issue is what we think work is for. I know that for my father (a longshoreman) his job was to earn money for the support of his family, his hobbies, his leisure. He didn't expect to love his job, just didn't want to hate it. I, on the other hand, really want to love my job, which I do. That has had a financial impact on my life. But if that impact were serious (for example, if it paid only $30,000 a year) I'd have to rethink working for love.

MasterPo said...

As MasterPo indicated, working at a job that you can't stand is awful no matter how much you get paid. But working at a job you love but can't pay the bills is just as bad.

Someone wants to forgo earning more to stay someplace they like or do a job the love, that's fine with MasterPo.

But...Understand and accept the trade off.

Don't come back 10-15-20 years of working the job/field you love but barely have two pennies to scrape together and cry "It's not fair that someone has more than I do in life!"

Now that isn't fair!