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March 31, 2010

How Is Your Stress?

That question was recently posed to MasterPo by a nurse.

You see, MasterPo gets his health insurance from Mrs. MasterPo's work policy (better plan and cheaper than at MasterPo's work). This year, as a cost reduction approach, the plan offers an voluntary "wellness consultation" program. An RN is assigned to you and each month she calls to discuss some issue or goal of health like weight loss. In return, you get a couple hundred $$ off your health insurance premium. MasterPo likes that part!

The RN assigned to MasterPo is a pleasant woman, seems knowledgeable, and has a decent bed-side manner. MasterPo knows the health issues to be worked on, knows how to get there, and really doesn't need a health care hand-holder. But for a discount MasterPo will endure the indignity of it all.

Recently (as of writing this) was this month's wellness call. Out of the blue the RN asks "How is your stress?"

Now that is a loaded question!

MasterPo inquired "In what terms?"
She responded "Work, family life, life in general."

Now, if you don't have stress in your life (especially these days) you either have just won a 9 figure lottery or are totally clueless!

So MasterPo responded thusly:

"I'm trying to hold on to my job at a time everyone around me is loosing theirs.I have a 30 year mortgage and a 10 month old baby.And every time I turn on the TV the news gets worse and worse!Do you think I have stress??!!??!!"

MasterPo is sure that answer caught her by surprise.

So how's your stress these days?

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