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August 29, 2010

Restoring Honor Rally 2010

In spite of what surely is the opinion of many of The Po File's readers and subcribers, MasterPo is not overly politically active. MasterPo has been known to send letters from time to time to his elected representatives depending on what issue seems specifically urgent, or, sign the occational petition.

Nevertheless, this weekend MasterPo took an unusal step in that MasterPo attended a political ralley. Specifically, MasterPo went to Washington for the Restoring Honor Rally 2010 that took place on Saturday August 28, 2010.

Very early Saturday AM MasterPo along with about 60 others boarded two buses from Long Island for the trip to DC (local Tea Party groups had their own buses, but the transportation MasterPo took was not affiliate with them). Pretty much from the start dozens if not hundreds of buses lined the I95 highway heading South to DC.

MasterPo isn't going to chronicle the entire day nor weigh into analysis of what the ralley supposed means or represents. There are plenty of those out there aready (probably written even before the echo from Glenn Beck's last words finished reverberating).

MasterPo simply would like to share a few observations about the day:

  • Hearing Sarah Palin speak in person was a very energizing experience. And Glenn Beck's closing presentation seemed genuinely from the heart. (That is not to say the other speakers of the day were any less refined in their presentations.)

  • The inflection of faith and religion of the invent did not bother MasterPo. While faith and religion may have been the encompassing aspect of the ralley, patriotism was clearly in the hearts and minds of all who attended. No religions fanaticism or "Holy Rollers".

  • Attendees at the rally spanned all ages and apparently all social-economic backgrounds. There were young people late teens to mid-20's, many older people, couples with small children, and many vets.

  • MasterPo has heard on various news stations and sites that somewhere there was shouting between some ralley attendees and protestors. MasterPo didn't see or hear any shouting. Infact, MasterPo sew extremely few protestors. There were a couple of people, mostly late-teens, with home made signs South of the Washington Monument. But they were very disorganized, mostly quiet, and seemed to want to be anywhere else but there.

  • Everyone MasterPo met was considerate, respectful, and very cordial.

  • Although there were many American and "Don't Tread On Me" flags being flown MasterPo saw no one with a disrespectful flag, banner, or T-shirt. MasterPo did see one person holding a small politcal sign and he was quickly and firmly (but not angrily!) reminded by other attendees that politcal signs were not allowed at the event and he soon took the sign down.

  • MasterPo's estimate of crowd size is 300,000. The entire stretch from the Lincoln Memorial down the pool to the fountains was packed. And the crowd was a good 150-200 yards deep into the trees on both sides. Plus the crowd that was past the fountains grouped around the Washington Monument.

  • Police and security was clearly there but not in-your-face nor provoking.

Overall, MasterPo found it a very moving experience to be part of. MasterPo has never before and probably never will again attend such an event (even this was purely a last minute decision). But it was an experience not to be forgotten.

Let us hope those in power and those who want to be in power receive a similar conclusion of this event.