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March 23, 2010

Faith of Finance?

MasterPo has noticed a curious, perhaps even troubling, trend.

Of late, on several personal financial blogs MasterPo frequents, more and articles are appearing that discuss personal money matters with in the context of faith and religion. Most try to tie together making personal financial decisions with charity, helping others, not being "greedy" (the definition of which is certainly open to debate at a later time), and even sighting passages from the Bible (New Testament mainly) about frugality, hard work and charity.

MasterPo agrees these are all good concepts. And if everyone shared similar views (regardless of their specific faiths) the country and the world would be a far better place.

But let's not blow smoke here.

While there may be lessons on achievement, savings and charity in scripture MasterPo finds it unsettling that in this particular time of American history people are turning to faith for personal finance guidance. The old saying "There are no atheists in fox holes" rings true. And that's the point.

Seen as a symptom of the problem, people are loosing/have lost trust in those people and institutions that previously were seen as reliable (or at least stable) guides in life. It's not a matter of parties or ideologies, just simple truth and honesty. People are loosing trust and hope in the very foundations of the country and society. As such they are turning to what they believe to be back-to-basics sources of truth and honesty for financial (and perhaps more) guidance in life.

When people loose that much trust in their leadership and base institutions of a nation that faith seems a more reasonable source of guidance for, of all things, personal finance that speaks volumes as to the psychological state of the state. Correct or not, people are more and more fearful and feel they are running blind.

This is dangerous.

On one level it is a danger because people who do not have trust in the leadership and institutions of a society feel disconnected from the whole of the society. "Dis-enfranchised" as the saying goes. As such a society might cease to be a functioning society and fall into groupism, pitting the goals of one group against the other rather than working together for a common benefit and future. A house divided can not stand.

On another level it is a danger because when people loose trust and hope in their society they look for it else where and grasp whatever they can find. The danger isn't that people won't believe in nothing, but rather they will believe in anything! That is, people will latch on to a person (or group) or idea that offers a solution just to have an answer and may not really consider the full ramifications of going down that path.

Time will tell if this truly a tend or just a momentary fad.

Cross your fingers.


Anonymous said...

If you understand that America was founded on religious beliefs and the knowledge that God will never (ever) fail you, then you will understand why the masses are returning back to spiritual direction.

One Nation Under God.

Not: One Nation Under Government.

God gives humans their rights. Not a government. After all there are many, many governments. Who's to know which government or person is right or wrong or better than another one?

The teachings of God (and Jesus) are the same today as they were over 2000+ years ago. God is constant. He never changes. His laws are always true. And best of all, once you turn your life over to God & Jesus Christ, confess of your sins and vow to follow, you become 'born again', have a fantastic relationship with God and He never, ever fails you!

Will your life be perfect and without pain or suffering? No. But you will have peace and guidance, feel true happiness inside your soul and that, my dear Po, is priceless!

Ain't no government or human being going to give you that.

Anonymous said...

Master Po, it sounds like you are expressing the same sentiments that got Obama in so much trouble--that in times of despair, people cling to their guns and religion.

Not that I disagree, but it sure got him in some serious hot water. I even heard Sean Hannity talk about it AGAIN last night at his big televised Tea Party rally.

MasterPo said...

Anon - Guns have nothing to do with it as the article clearly doesn't mention it.

The point of the article was that in MasterPo's opinion turning to faith (whatever faith you choose) for, of all things, investment advise seems to be a sign of desperation.

People don't trust the so-called experts of finance (can't blame them, MasterPo has lost far more listening to them than made) and in rapidly going numbers don't trust government sources. So the one place people still feel they can find trust and trustworthy sources is their faith.

In that light, turning to faith sources for personal finance advise is a symptom of the much bigger problem in the country - the lack of trust in the country's leadership.