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March 16, 2010

Money Talks!

There's a saying: "Money talks and bullshit walks."

It means that someone with money is more likely to be serious about entering into a transaction than someone without money. While everyone, "rich" as well as not "rich", wants the best deal they can get the real conflict comes from wanting white glove service and a bargain basement price.

The reality is that very often the products or services you want just don't come cheap. You have to pay good to get good.

And it is for that very reason that money – specifically, keeping the money your own hard work has brought you - is THE key to your personal freedom and liberty!

Tyranny by taxation – taking away your hard earned money – is the worst form of oppression!

Not being able to buy the products or services you need (or simply want, no crime in that!), not because you don't make enough to buy it, but because the government confiscates it by taxes is nothing less than "stealth tyranny". When you work hard, take the risk of the hard work (because hard work per se is never a guarantee of success) and reap the rewards of that hard work only to have a large chunk taxed away where is your freedom?

There is no valid argument for taking the fruits of a persons' labors just because those labors did in fact bear fruit.

The end result of no being able to purchase the products and services you desire is you end up relying on the sheer generosity of whatever the government (in it's very finite wisdom) "gives" you or "allows" you to have. And MasterPo can guarantee it will not be anywhere near what you would have obtained for yourself had you been able to purchase it on your own.

That is not contributing to you freedom or liberty!

Think this over the next time you hear a politician say it's "just" a little tax on this or that.

Little things add up fast. Ask a blizzard.


Anonymous said...

Solution: work less. Then you'll be taxed less, you'll need less but you'll have more.

That's why socialism NEVER worked and it never will.

Grace. said...

A nicely libertarian point of view, but do you really want to live in a world where you either do not have police, firefighters, schools or any public service institutions, and where you and only you get what you pay for. Do you want to be surrounded by folks who won't pay for any of the above? This is not to say that I love taxes, but I do believe they are necessary in a civilized & compassionate world.

MasterPo said...

Grace - You totally missed the point of the article.

MasterPo is not a Libertarian.

Police, fire, ambulance, public schools, roads&bridges etc. clearly are what make a community a community.

MasterPo is refering to the FREEDOM than YOU as an individual have to make the decisions for yourself and you family when you have the money. And that money comes from your own hard work.

Case in point: A couple of years ago near Xmas a pipe broke in MasterPo's house in the middle of the night. Water everywhere. In the middle of the night MasterPo called the contractor. He and his son came right away and started the clean up. The next day he and a plumber came early to find the break and repair it. All in all the damage was very slight compared to what it could have been and was repaired in just a few days.

By contrast, when MasterPo called the house insurance company they were very terse! Saying that since MasterPo didn't let them call their authorized repair people and negotiate the price they would only reimburse about 30% of MasterPo's costs for repair!

Now think about that.

MasterPo's contractor came in the middle of the night and fixed the problem perfectly in no time. Meanwhile, if MasterPo had left it up to the insurance company to send "authorized" repairers, get estimates and schedule work (remember this was near Christmas time!) heaven only knows when the pipe would have been fixed and how well it would have been done!

MasterPo pays his contractor in cash and doesn't argue nickle&dimes of the job.

Money talks and MasterPo got what he wanted when he wanted it.

But that can ONLY happen when you have the FREEDOM to keep what you actually earn!

Anonymous said...

I think you are overlooking the fact that you are buying a product that you choose when you pay your taxes. In exchange for paying the grocery bill, you get food, in exchange for paying the mortgage, you get a house, and exchange for paying the tax bill, you get the privilege of living in the greatest country in the world.

Every country has taxes. You can choose a different country's "product", pay their taxes, and go live there. Or you can choose our product and live here.

I'm so tired of hearing people complaining about paying the bill for the cost of living in such a wonderful country. Don't like it, move to Costa Rica with Rush Limbaugh! Take your hard-earned dollars and go live in the country whose product more closely fits your needs.

MasterPo said...

Anon - As MasterPo has stated before, taxes are need to finance the basic necesseties of what make a country a country.

But when taxes are levied on this with more who have earn their position by year of long hard work simply for the reason the have more to take then someone else, that is tyranny.

MasterPo has no problem for "paying the bill" as you put it to live here. But there is a BIG difference between taking someone's money to pay for the needed structures of a soverign nation vs. punishing those who have achieved because someone else hasn't done as well.

MasterPo said...

PS- Your comment also leaves unanswered "How much is enough??"

So you say that we have to "pay the bill" to live here.


When was the last time you handed over a blank check to someone?

So whatever taxes, fees, charges, penalties etc. the government chooses to levy we should just smile and say it's all for the best?

That's absurd.