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March 10, 2010


If the solution to the current economic mess could be summarized in a single word it would have to be No.

That word is probably the #1 un-PC word in the dictionary today.

Can't be said to anyone, not even a child.

If you say it than you are wrong. Everyone is entitled to a Yes answer for anything and everything they want.

But No is going to have to be taken off the bad-word list and made mainstream again. If not as the solution then certainly as part of the solution.

No is going to have to be said to everyone! That includes both "the rich" and "the poor"!, Yes, MasterPo did say to tell the poor No!

When a person making $9/hr at Wendy's goes into a bank to borrow $200,000 for a new house with no money for the down payment and no credit (or poor credit) history they bank will have to tell the person No!

In turn that means several things.

First, the government is going to have to abolish all these programs to help low-income people get mortgages. NEWS FLASH! "Low Income" means you can't afford $200,000!!

Second, the person applying for the mortgage is going to have to accept No as the answer when they are told they don't have the income and/or credit to qualify for a mortgage. The person is going to have accept their own short comings and not accuse the bank of discrimination.

Third, if the person does try to seek legal action lawyers, as much as they want to earn their fees, are going to have to tell the person it's not discrimination to expect a person to have a good credit record and stable income of an amount sufficient to pay back the loan. It is the right of a lender to decided if someone is capable of repaying the loan.

And finally, even if legal action is taken the courts are going to have to uphold the lender's right to decide for themselves who is and is not capable of meeting the standards of being a good risk for a loan. This applies to not only mortgages but any kind of loan too.

This is only one of many many situations where people are going to have to get used to hearing No as an answer. Not for a cruel or callous (or "greed") reasons (in spite of how it will inevitably be portrayed in the news) but because there just isn't enough money left in the world to give everyone everything they want just because they want it!

Your parents told you No.

Now act like an adult.

Stand on your own.

Do what you can do with what you have and strive to have more yourself rather then seek it from others.

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