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March 25, 2010

If I Am Not For Myself, Who Will Be?

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
If I am not for others, what am I?
And if not now, when?"
(Rabbi Hillel Jewish scholar & theologian (30 BCE - 9 AD) )

This quote attributed to a man that lived over 2,000 years ago is just as meaningful and important today as it was then. Especially in the America of the early 21st century.

It is about standing up for yourself.
It's about putting yourself (including your family and your other direct responsibilities) first and foremost in your life.
It's about taking hold of the reigns of control in your life and guiding events for yourself.
It is about being proud of your accomplishments, not ashamed of being successful after long hard work.

Since when did it become "selfish" or "greedy" to take care of yourself and your own responsibilities first?

When did making sure your own family has food, clothing, shelter, medicine, education etc. before looking around at others?

Where is it written that I must hurt myself and my family in order to provide support to someone else? Even life guards and first responders are trained not to put themselves into immediate harms way to save someone else.

This is not about being selfish or self centered. Look at the second line of the quote. Rabbi Hillel clearly indicates you are to consider the plight of other people too. But consider others after you have taken care of yourself and your own charges.

This above all else I believe is what is wrong with 21st century America thus far. That too many people who have not succeeded in caring for themselves and their charges first are way too interested in telling others how they should live their lives, what they can and cannot do, what they should spend their money on etc.

Fix your own life first!

There's another old saying:

Those who can, do.
Those who can't tell others what to do.

Which are you? A do'er or a tell'er?


Anonymous said...

You need not worry. Americans have never had a problem thinking of themselves first. This will never change.

MasterPo said...

That is probably the one thing that irks MasterPo the most: The totally false stance that a person taking care of yourself and your loved ones - your family - is somehow selfish or self centered.

If more people just concentrated on making their own lives work and providing all they can for their own families rather than worrying about the people next door we'd have a much better society.