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May 28, 2009

Who Cries For The Rich?

The 80's were labeled "The Decade of Greed" (though I strongly disagree!).

The 90's were labeled "The Decade of Compassion" (which I also strongly disagree!).

So the first 10 years of the 21st century could be labeled as the "War on Wealth" decade.

Various politicians and pundits, with the gleeful help of the media at large, have been beating the same drum for years about how unfair it is "the rich" (which as of this year President Obama as defined as a person or business with a gross income of $250,000 or more) aren't paying enough taxes.

I'm not going to jump on the same band wagon as other writers and talk about how that thinking is oh soooooo wrong. You can search else where for those details.

But I will comment on an equally urgent wrong that is sliding in under the proverbial radar:

Who is going to advocate for "the rich"?

"The rich" are an easy target. There are no lobbyists, no PACs or grass roots organizations that rally to support "the rich". The media rarely shows "the rich" in good light (which is even funnier since most of the people on TV themselves are firmly entrenched in income brackets of "the rich"!). And the print media doesn't do any better.

There is only so much wealth in a nation. Don't fall for the tired old thinking that "the rich" will always find a way to be "the rich" no matter what taxes are levied on them so it doesn't matter.

Put out of your mind images of Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, Madonna, the Hollywood hacks etc. That's mostly glitz and glamour. The real wealthy, the real "rich" – those making over $250,000 – don't live anything like that! They probably do have some things more than you (and me) but they don't have private jets, 100 foot yachts, lobster dinners 3 times a week, etc.

And more concernedly, when we become a society that eagerly taxes "the rich" to give to the lesser (as we are rapidly becoming now) do you think those receiving the rich's money are going to vote for candidates that promise to lower taxes on "the rich"? Do you think they will vote to end the government programs and handouts paid for by taxing "the rich"?

Hell no!!

So who will stand up for "the rich"?

Ps - I never had a job working for a poor person.

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