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May 17, 2009

Money Doesn't Matter? Tell Me Another One!

I love speaking to or messaging with people who say “Money doesn’t matter to me.”


Anyone who says money is unimportant to them is either a liar or a fool, or both!

As the song goes: Money makes the world go ‘round. You need money to live in a modern (and even not-so-modern) society. You need to pay for housing, food, medicine, clothing, utilities and so on. And, least anyone forget, it’s a nice thing to have something put away for emergencies too.

Similarly, I love people who say “I love my work and the money doesn’t matter to me.”

What a load of crap!

It’s good to like what you do for a living. Believe me, having to doing things you hate to bring home a paycheck is hell. Been there, done that. But liking what you do is a bonus. Whether you like it or not (the work that is) you need that paycheck.

Think about this:

If the work was all that mattered why would people like teachers and nurses strike? After all, isn’t educating children or helping the sick far more important than money?

Have you ever known any to turn down a raise or bonus or pay increase that came with a promotion? I thought the pleasure of the work was all that mattered?

A common response from occupations like teachers and nurses is “We only want what’s fair”. (I’m not picking on these two occupation specifically) Really? If money doesn’t matter to you than what does it matter if you are paid $10/hr or $100/hr? I thought it was all about the work.

The fact is very often people who claim money is unimportant to them or the work is all that matters are some of the most money-grubbing, greedy and tight-waded people walking the Earth. But they don’t want to either admit it to themselves or are too embarrassed to be honest with the world. Can’t blame them absolutely. The society we live in today (at least American society) demonizes “the rich” and glorifies the poor. (I’d like to see a “poor” person hire you after you’ve been layed-off!)
There is a difference between something constantly striving for a better income and sell-your-mother-for-a-dollar attitude. The former is ambition, the latter blindness. But drawing the line, recognizing the difference is far from easy.

In truth, some people do make the conscious choice to scale back their lives in terms of work, career and earnings in exchange for things like more time to pursue interests, spend time with family, travel etc. That’s fine with me, so long as they fully grasp the risks of purposely not trying to make as much as they can. Maybe not today but tomorrow they will need that extra money and won’t have it.

If someone wants to purposely scale back their life I won’t stop them. But please don’t come crying later that someone else has more than you and they can afford this or that while you can’t.

You made your choice – live with it!

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