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May 20, 2009

Fish or cut bait? That's the question.

In this context I don't mean it literally but rather the indecision aspect. Specifically, with the precious little free time there seems to be these days (where on Earth did it all go and when????) do you go someplace you've been before and know has fish? Or, do you take the time to try someplace new, spend the time to learn how to fish it, and maybe discover a good spot?

We all want to catch fish and good fish at that. But sometimes you have to bite the bullet and give up some catching in order to prospect for greener pastures. It's a very tough call.

I did some freshwater prospecting this spring and am glad for it. But it also meant that I didn't fish my usual bay creeks this spring and I missed that. Still, I do think it was worth it to expand my experiences and knowledge about the fishing opportunities on Long Island (and more of the access bullshit – see my prior post on access).

Then again, fishing the same place for year after year can get you a level of expertise that you can't get bouncing all around. And with the cost of gas travel to more remote locations is hurting more.
Still, you can't be a successful backyard angler all the time.

So go out there and try something new!

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