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April 21, 2011

Screw Unto Others?

Screw unto others as others have screwed unto you.So it's not exactly Biblical – so sue me.

But it does reflect a point of view: Why be a nice person when there are so many others out there happy to stick it to you without so much as batting an eye?

Yea, MasterPo knows the old school saying "Two wrongs don't make a right" and the other BS teachers tell kids about being better than they are, doing the right thing always, they will get theirs in the end etc etc etc.

MasterPo just doesn't buy it, much.

2008 was a bad year for MasterPo and Mrs. MasterPo in terms of getting screwed over by people with ease.Individually, at work several co-workers (including managers) shafted both of us in terms of much deserved recognition for our work and with holding vital information that made us appear inept. One can say that's par for the working world and to some extent that's try. But this seemed to be done for no other reason than it could be done. Like a sport. MasterPo has heard of such things before but not seen it until now.

Then we had a tenant who up and left mid year and stuck us for the balance of the last month's rent. He said quote "If I pay you I won't have the money to move else where." So he scammed a free month from us. MasterPo could have sued. But he was an asshole and a hot head. And MasterPo suspects used drugs. MasterPo wouldn't have put it past him to vandalize our home in retaliation. As screwed as we were by him and his girlfriend (they lied too saying they were married!) better to be riddance of them. But still, that not only screwed us out of a month's rent but in mid-year it's tough to rent out an apartment. So we had to carry the cost of the building ourselves for 4 months! That hurt the old bank account!

Together, we got screwed BIG time by several people in the adoption processes. And not just the children but the cost. Think as ill of MasterPo as you want but we spent over $50,000 that year and no child. And no, there is no legal recovery of the money. You can't sue or contract or anything like that (MasterPo have a whole article on that BS later!).

So we got screwed more times than a porn star and it costs us money, time, and nerves.

No one cared.

Everyone looked out for themselves.

We were required to follow all sorts of rules and laws and conducts.They were required to do nothing.

So why be a nice guy?

Screw off!


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry for the extended amount of crap you and the Mrs. are going through. Please take whatever comfort there may be in knowing that there is truth in the phrase "what goes around, comes around."

If I might give an example: in 2002, fresh out of college, I started working for a shabby little print shop. The owner was a lying little weasel who claimed to be a Christian and acted quite the opposite. I worked there for about two years when he decided to let me go and replace me with someone cheaper. I was angry, of course, but I'd hated working at the place (taking phone calls from angry customers and banks who were going unpaid), so I decided to move on. He offered to give me a good reference, which in the end amounted to telling prospective employers that I had been "fired" for being rude to customers on the phone. At the time of my dismissal, I had been told that it was a "downsizing."

I could have retaliated. I even contacted a lawyer to persue legal action. I dropped it, however, when I found a new job — a job that paid significantly more at a company that used to be a customer of this print shop. I say "used to be" because after I came the marketing director, we happily cut all ties with my former employer. It was sheer joy to tell that little weasel on the phone that we could no longer do business with a company I knew so very well to be a dishonest operation.

Today, that shabby little print shop is out of business. The weasely little owner became a sales rep for a former competitor. I moved on to another job four years later where, guess what, we were a customer of the weasel's new company, and he was our sales rep. We cut all ties with this new business as well. The decision wasn't mine in this case, but it was still fun to watch it play out.

The short lesson is that what goes around does indeed come around. What you're going through right now sucks, but brighter days are ahead. Look for them. Work toward them. Strive to find them. You'll get there, and those who screw around will get screwed in return eventually. Just wait for it.

Grace. said...

Why be a nice guy? Maybe, because you CAN? And by so doing, you make the world a better place for the rest of us?

I do hope you haven't been brooding about this since 2008!

There are those who screw you deliberately (for them, anything goes) and those who do it but without the animus (like your tenant who just needed to get out and had only two bad choices--he took the one that screwed you, but I doubt he intended you as much harm as you ultimately received.)

At some level, I suppose I do believe in psychic karma--that those that screwed us will eventually get their comeuppance

A year ago, my office had an applicant for a position that I knew from my work some 20 years ago. She screwed me and a couple of other folks, too. She did NOT get the job and I take full credit for that. She'll never know--in fact, I'm pretty sure she doesn't know I work here--but sometimes what goes around, does indeed come around.

MasterPo said...

Grace/Anon - MasterPo has seen it come around to people. But not often enough. MasterPo has to presume it does come around, just isn't there to see it when it happens.

Anon - It's funny how very often the people who claim to be so full of their faith and it's wisdom are the biggest SOBs around!

LargeBill said...


Found your blog from your good post at FMF. Sorry, to hear somethings have gone wrong for you and that some people have mistreated you and your wife. However, I have to disagree with your new "screw 'em" sentiment. If for no reason besides your own mental health I'd recommend being nice. I don't mean being a patsy and letting people walk all over you or anything. Rather I'm referring to basic decency. A friendly "Good morning" to a stranger can make both of you feel better. Kindness IS infectious.

Regardless, I hope the future holds better for you than the recent past.