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April 26, 2011

Israelis or Arabs: Pick Your Side

MasterPo fears that very soon there will be yet another conflict between Israel and the Arabs. Probably involving various Arab terrorist groups as well as Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia (MasterPo thinks Egypt will sit this one out unless there is a sudden political change in the country like a coupe – it has happened before).

When this happens the world, most notably the U.S., will need to pick sides. Staying “neutral” isn’t an option. Sending in “peace keepers” won’t do it this time. And unfortunately President Obama has done an excellent job of adding fuel to the world fire against Israel.

Before you go off and spout about “occupation” and “human rights” take these points into account:

- Israel is the only true Democracy in the Middle East. Its government is based on the UK-style parliamentary system which is also what the American government system was originally modeled after.

- Israel’s #1 export is hi-tech! Nearly all the world’s best technology companies have significant R&D facilities in Israel: IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, Intel, Microsoft, General Electric etc etc etc.

- Teva Pharmaceuticals (a publicly traded company by the way, symbol TEVA) is a major world researcher and producers of both brand name and generic drugs (look on the self behind your pharmacist next time you go and you’ll see boxes with the Teva name on them).

- The Weizmann Institute in Tel Aviv is a world leading research university in the fields of physics, mathematics, and computer science.

- Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem is a world leading hospital in researching cures for cancer and AIDS.

- The Israeli Phil Harmonic orchestras has played to packed audiences around the world. Many world famous musicians and conductors have been part of the group.

These are just some examples.

By contrast:

- ALL the surrounding Arab states are either monarchies, military dictatorships, or religious fanatic pseudo-republics. A few have parliaments but the leaders are under no obligation to follow the parliaments’ rulings.

- Most of the exports from Arab countries are minerals and other natural resources, some produce, and cheap-labor manufactured small items.

- When was the last time you heard of the great technology and development centers of say Syria or Lebanon?

- Public performances of orchestral music is banned in most Arab states as being against Islamic law.

The argument can go back and forth forever.

But the bottom line is the bottom line: When you compare side-by-side Israel and the Arab world it is clearly Israel that, in a mere 62 years, offers the world more productivity and benefits than has ever been produced (save for oil) by all the other Arab states in the same time.

Pick your side based on reality, not hyperbole.


MBTN said...

I would be curious to hear your reasoning why there is going to be another conflict, and particularly why you think Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia are going to be invovled. I think there is very little chance that Iraq and Saudia Arabia would be involved, due to their ties with the US. Syria possibly, but they have their own internal strife going on right now.

If there is a conflict, the most likely sources in my opinion are Hamas and Hizbolleh groups. The only country which would be involved I feel would be Iran (which is Persian not Arab).

Also, if there is a conflict, Israel has proven that they are more than capable of taking care of themselves. I doubt that there would be any need for any intervention from the US necessary. The best "peacekeeper" that Israel has is there own military might.

MasterPo said...


First, please keep in mind this article was written and scheduled for publication well before the uprising/revolts in Egypt and Libya

Second, Iraq is not nearly as pro-Western and certainly not pro-Israel as some Americans want to believe, inspite of our soldiers spilling blood for them. It has been and contnues to be a breeding ground for terrorism. Maybe not as much as during Saddams rule but it's still there.

Third, MasterPo 100% agrees that Israel has up to now been able to defend herself. But under a combined assault from Syria, Egypt, Jordon (probably), and terrorist groups sponsored by Iran and the Saudi's that's a hammer which is hard to defend against.

And further, given the recent very cool relations between Israel and the U.S. under the Obama administration support militarily or re-supply during a conflict is not at all a certanty.

MasterPo will go further and say it is likely the U.N. would call for a cease fire and no-fly zone to be militarily enforced. And, oh look! There's an American carrier group and 2,000 Marines in the Med. How fortunate. (See Libya).

MBTN said...

Iraq can barely form a government and there is so much internal strife between Sunni, Shiite, and Kurd that they won't be doing much anytime soon.

Saudi Arabia and Jordan have much to lose and little to gain from a war with Israel. Their leaders have shown that they value stability.

Syria may have the motivation. However, their leaders aren't dumb either. In a conventional war, they know they would lose. Syria will continue to do what it has always done, which is wage a proxy terrorist war through Hizbolleh.

You left out Iran. They are the most likely to engage in a conventional war with Israel. However, if anything, Israel would be the initator if they feel it is likely that Iran has nuclear capabilities. Barring that, Iran will continue to support Hamas. Again, they would continue to wage a proxy war through the Hamas in Gaza.

Finally, US-Israeli relations have cooled a little bit. However, that doesn't mean much if push cam eto shove. The cooling you refer to is Obama speaking out against the continued building of settlements on the West Bank. However, this is just within the context of trying to get a peace deal done between Israel and Palestine. Make no mistake that if the Palesinians went on a war footing with Israel, the US would back Israel with a vengeance.

Hopefully it doesn't come to any of that!

JBO said...

There have been "blue hat" American peace keepers in Israel for as long as I know.

Personally, I hope we stay out of the fight. I am really not interested in my son being killed over someone else's religion.

MasterPo said...

JBO - Once again you are grossly mistaken.

There are no "blue hat" peaece keepers in Israel.

There are some UN troops along the Israel-Lebanon border (MasterPo has been there and seen them) and used to be (not sure if still there) along the Israel-Syria border. But none inside Israel.

And of those forces Americans make up very few. Mostly Europeans.