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April 10, 2011

Entitled to Entitlements?


The word is all the buzz of recent years in terms of budgets and shortfalls, government programs and public works, and business employment with benefits. But MasterPo believes the word itself is too often being improperly used, or at least in the wrong context. Or, simply we as a nation and society need to get a better grip on what is “entitled” vs. what has been earned.

This topic came to thought because recently on another blog MasterPo read a comment stating VA and other veterans’ benefits are “entitlements”. MasterPo has known, unfortunately, some veterans who are clearly using and milking the system (and regrettably are actually proud of it!). But those are few. The vast majority of veterans have well paid into the system through their military service, a job few want to do but is so vital to the nation.

The word “entitlement” in the current economic and political landscape conjures up visions of someone receiving money or a functional benefit simply for the asking. No specific payment or pre-payment for it (general taxation not included). No service or other non-payment contribution. No nothing other than filing papers.

Without question that is all too true for a whole host of government programs and services.

But not really for others.

Take Social Security as an example.

Presuming no fraud and no political favoritism (a hard one granted) everyone who pays into the SS system should be “entitled” to get at least their money back. And some percentage interest compensation would be even fairer.

It is not an “entitlement” to receive that for which you have paid!

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