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April 13, 2011


MasterPo is sure that at some point in the life of the people who make up “the rich” in America they or their forbearers have said “Enough!” to the taxes and regulations and overall targeting of them as the national bottom-less piggy bank. But what can they do about it?

Like everyone else they can vote, contribute to political parties and candidates they feel better represent their interests, write letters, make calls etc. But short of leaving the country (and many have already or are making plans to do such) they are stuck.

But while they can’t (or simply don’t) leave the country they can and often do send their money overseas.

And that is the problem.

The problem isn’t “the rich” aren’t taxed enough. It is what they have left after taxes - whether it be jobs, profits, or simply investment funds – is not kept in the U.S. but much is sent and kept overseas.

And why not?

“The rich” didn’t become wealthy by being stupid. They see there is a bulls-eye on their front and backs for years and years. They see the wealth they keep here in the U.S. is being targeted again and again for confiscatory taxation.

MasterPo doesn’t think [too] many of “the rich” would argue the need for some level of taxation. After all, even “the rich” benefit from public services like roads, police/fire, national defense, a legal system etc. And certainly their employees and associates benefit from the same and more. That’s not the issue.

The issue is the constant attack on what is left over after taxation. It just is getting less and less desirable to keep wealth in the U.S. Between taxation and legal challenges (e.g. easy law suits) accumulating and protecting wealth is becoming ever increasingly harder.

And that is the fault of the government at all levels.

Doesn’t matter who the President is or which party controls the Congress. They all have added bricks to this road.

Rather than encouraging and incentivizing positive reasons to make wealth and keep that wealth here like reasonable one-time taxations, asset protection, estate planning, etc. the policies and laws have made the U.S. very un-friendly to wealth. And that’s not good for the future health of the nation.

You can’t have a strong, healthy, prosperous economy without someone becoming “rich” and keeping it!

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