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January 30, 2010

Recovery? What Recovery? Can't Prove It By Me!

So now we're supposed to have turned the corner and well on our collective way to an economic recovery.

MasterPo must have missed that memo.

This coming weekend (as of writing this article) is the annual Fly Fishing show in Somerset, NJ. Just about every year for the last 20 years MasterPo as gone. Very often the same things but a good chance to see maybe something new and anyway get re-acquainted with fly fishing colleagues from other areas that aren't seen too often. In fact, you can count on one hand the number of times MasterPo hasn't attended this event.

Add another finger 'cause 2010 will be a no-show for MasterPo.

The reason is simple: Cost.

MasterPo estimates it will cost:

- $20 in gas round trip to get to the exhibit center in Somserset.
- $20 in tolls round trip (the toll on the Verrazano Narrows bridge that has to be crossed is nearly $10 itself!)
- $10 for lunch on the road.
- And $20 for MasterPo and Mrs. MasterPo (she doesn't fly fish but likes to go anyway) admission tickets to the expo.

So that's a rough estimate of $50-$60 just to get in the front door before buying anything at the show.

MasterPo acknowledges there are a few places to cut corners. Mrs. MasterPo doesn't have to go (although she likes to). And bringing a sandwich would eliminate a stop at Mickey D's.

Nevertheless, it still expensive to attend.

While MasterPo does have the funds for the events, in this economy MasterPo is more inclined to consider the show an unnecessary expense this year.

And there in lays the problem.

MasterPo is surely not alone in thinking this.

Most of the true die-hards of the sport (of which MasterPo does otherwise consider himself) will attend pretty much no matter what. And similarly those not at all interested in fly fishing won't attend ever. But the vast majority of people are in the middle and more then less will probably come to a similar conclusion as MasterPo for this year.

That will hurt.

Not MasterPo per se but consider:

- No evil gas purchased but someone still makes their living selling that vile stuff.
- No tolls (read as TAX) collected for crossing the bridges and roads.
- Less fees earned by the show organizer/promoter.
- Far less revenue from sales for the vendors at the show.
- NJ is a sales tax state so that translates into less sales tax the state receives.
- Less fees earned by the banks and processors for credit card purchases at the show.
- Less funds raised by clubs and groups selling raffle tickets at the show.

You get the picture.

MasterPo can live without attending this years' show. But the same can't be said for the participants of the event.

Ask them if they feel "recovered".

Any bets?


Anonymous said...

Hey, first off, do you know of anyone else, in your area, attending the show? Is there an email list you can send a message to? Have you thought of contacting another to ask if you can car pool and share expenses?

Also, do you make money at this 'hobby'? ie, sell the fish, give lessons (you can charge your wife, friends, family)? If so, then it's a small business, put it on a Schedule C and deduct all the money paid out as expenses. Ask your accountant.

Stop whining like a dem and act more like a repub! There are more ways to skim a cat, find a way through the maze, well, you get the picture. Also, does your wife really have to go? How can you eat that crap at mcD's? Pack a lunch and bring a thermos of coffee or something!

PS: sometimes we have to balance our lives with some experience we love and to hell with the budget! I mean, really, $50? I think you're worth it! Go. Enjoy. Life is short. Cut out something else in the budget to balance the expense.


MasterPo said...

Anon - While one of MasterPo's enterprises is selling sportfishing items this is a show/expo more geared to the general/retail public than a manufacturers-to-retailers style event you may be thinking of (those kind are usually heald more in the West where it's cheaper for such big expos). MasterPo occationally does some business typically in the form of making contacts for some unusual product but that is uncommon and not the prupose of going.

But the point of the article wasn't the mere $50. If that was just it MasterPo would have gone.

It's the $50 and then $100-$200 (give or take) spent at the event. And no, you can't really go to just window shop.

Factor in there are 5 such shows/expos in MasterPo's area each year plus a big "fisherman's flea market" in the spring and you can see how the $$$ add up quickly!

In years past MasterPo would have attended most and spent money at most. But not this year.

MasterPo has decided to save resources for 1 perhaps 2 shows/expos then blow the budget at the flea market where the deals are better anyway.

Thanks for the comments.