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January 21, 2010

Health Care – Get Your Priorities Straight!

An observation:

A person will go into Best Buy and drop $2,000 on a new LCD TV with Blu-Ray player, speakers, Monster cables, maybe even an Xbox, and will be proud of their purchase.

But when that same person goes to a doctor or hospital for critical medical care they will cry like a baby when presented with a $2,000 bill for having cured them!

You know MasterPo is right.

Defend that!


Randy said...

Good point. I've long argued that if healthcare is overpriced (I think it is), more administration and oversight certainly won't help it any.

Anonymous said...

What doctor in America can save your life and only charge $2000 for it? I want his phone number!

Most life saving bills are in the tens of thousands of dollars. My mom went to Sloan Kettering for 7 days and got a bill for almost $250,000. She still died a few months later of cancer.

Maybe if I had bought her a big screen TV, she could have lived out her life much better.

Keep thinking.

You'll come up with something.

MasterPo said...

Randy - While MasterPo agrees about the admin and oversight, the point was that for frivolous things like entertainment most people will gladly spend big bucks without blinking an eye. But for some odd reason when it comes to medical services the idea of a personal actually paying the bill for those services is considered absurd.

Anon - All depends what the illness or injury. Suppose you develop walking pneumonia. A chest x-ray will confirm it and a culture will determine if it's a virus or bacterial. Presuming the latter, anti-bios and bed rest will cure it in most cases. Butthe bill for exam, x-ray, lab work, follow up and perscription could be a couple thousand.

The vast majority of Americans' ills and infirmities are no where near as extreme and immediately life threatening as you make it seem. They can grow into that very quickly sometimes. But not common by any means.

MasterPo isn't going to debate you about your mother's cancer treatment. A wild guess is her illness was very extreme by the time she when to Sloan and all they could try was a radical treatment, which tends to be expensive and often not successful.

You have MasterPo's condolences for your loss.