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January 19, 2010

Discrimination and Profiling Is A Good Thing!

Pre-conceived ideas.
Jumping to conclusions.

Whatever you want to call it.

What is so bad about that?

Yes, MasterPo said it. When you stop, get rid of the emotion, and really truly think about it profiling is not such a horrible thing. Everyone, and MasterPo means everyone, profiles/discriminates/etc every day of our lives. It's natural, proper (yes, MasterPo said that too), and completely stupid not to do it!

Whether based on our own individual experiences or by the collective natural instincts of evolution the profiling we do every day is a protection mechanism.

For example, you're walking down the street and get hungry. You see who sandwich shops ahead. One looks bright, cheerful, clean. The other looks dinghy, cluttered, not well maintained. You're going to make the decision to go to the bright and clean food shop instead of he dark and messy shop. Why? Because you have an image in your mind – a "profile" – that food from a bright and apparently clean shop is better and healthier than from a low lit dinghy shop.

But in this case you might be completely wrong! Maybe the particular food you get from the bight clean shop wasn't prepared properly or stored properly or the preparer didn't wash their hands well before handing your food so you get sick from it. Meanwhile, the dinghy looking shop may not have good eye appeal but the food is well prepared and stored, the preparation areas are well cleaned and maintained, maybe even the shop has received many awards and recognitions for its cuisine.
However, you made a judgment based on you thought was good and bad. There is no right or wrong when you make such a decision.

Consider the opposite:

You go into the dinghy sandwich shop, get food, and later you're sick as a dog!

Would you go back to that shop again?
Would you go into similar looking shops for food again?

MasterPo sure hopes not.

How many times do you have to eat at a particular establishment or similar establishments and get sick to realize there's something wrong and such places should be avoided? Similarly, you are not going to avoid all eateries just because one type has done you harm. That doesn't make sense either.

So when it comes to people who want to hurt you, who have in fact hurt you in the past and continue to try right now, why is it so wrong to recognize where the threat is coming from?

Even a small child quickly learns after being hurt that when they see the same or similar thing again to avoid it!

Maybe we need small children in government.

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