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January 17, 2010

I *Should* Have Better Healthcare Than You!

Forget the moral prose and "human rights" crap.

MasterPo (and Mrs. MasterPo), along with millions of other Americans, have worked long hard careers all their adult lives to afford to pay for good quality health coverage. People like us have made the very hard decisions and take the hard roads that, if it works out (because there are no guarantees in life!) they are able to have the finances to pay for and benefits available to purchase things like advanced levels of health care.

By contrast, there are also millions of Americans who choose not to work as hard, strive as hard, risk as much and therefore have less likelihood of achieving the finances to pay for nor the opportunity to purchase such benefits as advanced levels of health care.

So now, explain in a logical and non-emotional way why people like MasterPo should not have access to better health care than those who haven't worked and strived and achieved as much?

Why should someone who never even bothered to finish high school or get a GED and now works at Starbucks, when not clubbing or playing Xbox into the wee hours of the night, have any sort of expectation to the same level of health service as someone who spent 4-6-8 years in school, countless hours over decades of years drudging away at one job after another to finally pull themselves up the ladder to something much much better in life?

And while you're at it:

Explain why it is the responsibility of the latter to pay for the health care of the former?

Is MasterPo angry? You darn bet!

Pull your ass off the couch and get a better life!

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Florence said...

Dear MasterPo, Every time I get to thinking that maybe national health care may be a good idea, I remember FEMA after Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Ike and am jolted back to reality.