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March 17, 2009

TAO: The Art of War (Part 2 - Knowing Terrorists)

In part 1 of these series I summarized the four points of AOW and discussed the concept of you choosing the time and place of battle as it relates to fighting terrorists and terrorism.
In this article I will discuss another of those points: Know your enemy.

I'm not going to delve into a psychological dissection of who and what a terrorist and terrorism is other than to give this broad definition:

A terrorist is someone who uses the credible threat of violence to [try to] effect political change.

By this definition a terrorist doesn't necessarily have to actually do violence but merely threaten violence. And, based, on their track record of carrying out threats of violence, they now have credibility that such threats will result in violence if the terrorist's demands aren't met.

To know your enemy you have to first have the courage to accept truth wherever it leads. This is essential because defining the enemy will certainly hurt in today's feel-good political correct world. But that doesn't change reality. In knowing who your enemy in the War in Terror logic and maturity demands that we are realistic and not given in to feel-good-ism of political correctness.

On September 11th, 2001 the United States was attacked by Islamic Arab terrorists. That is a fact which no matter how you twist and turn it simply can't be changed. I don't care what country they were born in, what passports they held (fake probably too). There were Islamic and they were Arab.

On that day America was not attacked by terrorists from France or Germany or Italy or China, or Sweden or Brazil or New Zealand etc.

On that day Americans were not killed by Canadians or Swiss or Indians or Panamanians or Mexicans or Eskimos etc.

On that day it killing and destruction was not done in the name of the G-d of the Jews or the Christians or the Hindus or the Buddhists or the Lutherans or the Baptists or the Pagans or even the Satanists.

Islamic Arabs – This is the face of where the terrorists came from.

To deny it is to deny reality itself.

Does it mean that all Islamic Arabs are terrorists in waiting? Most likely not (at least I hope not!).
But that is the direction which we need to be looking. At least for now.

Profiling? I call it knowing my enemy.

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