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March 19, 2009

The Product Liability of: Water!

With today's crazy law suits about products, even when the product is so grossly miss used or otherwise operator's error, you have to wonder what every day items would not be invented or at least put on a shelf and not brought to market if such liability existed decades or even centuries ago. Even common natural products if were "invented" may be considered too risky to sell for fear of being sued up the wha-zooh!

For example: Let's consider old fashioned WATER.

Let's presume we lived on a planet where water (good 'ol H2O) didn't exist and someone invented it.

It is very useful for many things like cleaning, eating, swimming, making things go (as in steam power), etc.

But also think of the problems and issues with water:
- Just a slight coating of water can make main surfaces as slick as glass.
- Water dissolves and erodes just about everything given enough time.
- Water is an excellent breeding medium for many kinds of diseases and parasites.
- A human can drown in as little as 6 inches of water.
- When water freezes it expands and cracks things.
- When water heats to steam it can scald.
- Poisons and toxins can be solve in water and undetectable without chemical analysis.
- A vehicle can become out of control driving on just a few inches of water.

With all this going against it who in their right mind would have brought water to market?!

And that's the point.

You can easily measure people who have been hurt by a product (their own fault or not). But you can not measure all the people who could have been helped had a product been brought to market but wasn't for fear of liability suit.

Think about that before the next time you think to yourself "I should sue them."

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1 comment:

Roger said...

This reminds me of a prank that various chemists have pulled in the past:

One or more chemists will set up a petition to 'Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide!' This petition will usually be accompanied by a list of the many hazards of Dihydrogen Monoxide, including:

*It is a major component of acid rain
*It is part of the 'lethal injection cocktail'
*Millions of gallons are sold each year, with virtually no oversight,
And the clincher:
*It causes thousands of deaths each year

The joke, of course, is that 'Dihydrogen Monoxide' (or Hydrogen Monoxide or Dihydrogen Oxide, depending on the particular joker) is H2O, or water.