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March 26, 2009

Brothers, Why Have You For Saken Us? – An Open Letter to The Arab World

Dear Brothers,

Why have you turned your back on your fellow Arabs?

In 1948 you asked us to leave our homes and land in the newly formed Israel. You warned us that when you our brothers in Syria, Jordan and Egypt, and supported by arms and financing from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia etc. attacked Israel to push the Jews into the sea we might get hurt. So to look out for our well being you said we should temporarily leave our homes until the push was done. Then we would return.

We were touched by your concern for us, your fellow Arabs. And we trusted you. So we left our homes.

True to your word in 1948 you attacked the fledgling Israel.

And lost!

So now for 60 years we are considered refugees from our homes that you told us to leave!

We don't hold it against you that you lost to Israel (how embarrassing!). But why haven't you taken care of us, your fellow Arab brothers and sisters?

Your Arab countries are among the richest countries in the world, having grown fat on oil money. So why do you let your Arab brothers live in squallier?

Why haven't you taken us into your countries and given us citizenship?
Why haven't you built for us decent housing?
Why haven't you paid for our children to go to school?
Why haven't you given us access to your hospitals and doctors?
Why haven't you retrained us for our own jobs? Perhaps in your rich oil industry?

Other peoples do it. Jews have many programs to help resettle other Jews from Russia, Africa and other places. Christians have programs and support networks to help displaced fellow Christians. So why haven't you our Arab brothers helped us?

Could it be you are selfish with your money and lives of luxury?

Could it be you're using our lives and our children's lives for your own selfish political games with the West?

That would be dishonorable considering the long tradition of hospitality in the Arab world. Not to mention the deep brotherhood of support in the Muslim community.

So I am perplexed – Why haven't you helped us for 60 years?

Awaiting your response.

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Everyday Finance said...

It's so obvious...There has to be a villian, right? How convenient to have Israel to point the finger at right? Listen, these leaders THRIVE off the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. If there were actually "peace in the middle east", that would mean constituents would actually look at their leadership for answers/accountability as opposed to blaming the "zioist regime" right? For now, and forever, it's easiest to shift that anger in the other direction.

MasterPo said...

Always remember that the late Yassis Arafat was "President" (and I use that term very loosely) of Gaza for years and couldn't even get the garbage picked up or the water runnng! But he sure did kill a lot of Israelies in that time.