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March 9, 2009

Social Investing Is For Idiots!

Yes, I said it. Have an organic carrot juice and calm down.

Any one who buys stock in a company solely because that company claims to have "progressive" values and policies about pay, benefits, time off, equality etc. is a fool. Similarly, someone who buys stock in a "green" company just because it is supposedly a very environmentally sensitive enterprise is also a fool.

Why such a strong stance?

That activity equates to charity, not what real investing is about! You may as well just send a check to the company. If you're not buying the stock because you think the company's' product/services are good and in demand, and you don't know the longer term prospects and strategy for the company than you're just throwing money down a hole hoping somehow someday it will come back.

Such a person is not an investor. They are a fool – or a hypocrite.

A hypocrite because they want to make money off of what they believe is social justice and "green". They are, as the mantra goes, putting profits first! And 'profit' is a dirty word to the social progressive and greenie.

Investors invest to make money. Period. The good an investor does comes from their goal of making money. No one, and I mean no one, invests for the #1 reason other than to make money. There maybe additional reasons but as sure as the sun rises in the East the top #1 main priority is to make a profit. And the sooner and bigger the better. Anyone who doesn't understand that doesn't belong in stocks. Stay with CDs.

Changing the world without making a significant profit is backwards, not forwards. And anyone who tries to get you to invest in something "progressive" or "green" without a solid plan for profitability is just trying to sucker you. Don't fall for it.

Enjoy the carrot juice.

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Mr. ToughMoneyLove said...

I'm not so sure social investors are "idiots" as long as they understand that they are not true investors. As your post suggests, investing is all about the return, not the philosophy.

MasterPo said...

I think we're in agreement.

Investing is to make a profit, not to forward a social agenda or the current in-style way of thinking. If the two happen to overlap no problem. But that's very rare.