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July 9, 2008

Turn the Other Cheek? Not So Fast.

Forgiveness has often been stated to be the hardest thing for a person to learn. While I do believe in forgiveness it should not be granted so quickly. Some will say that’s just holding a grudge. Let bygones be bygones. Water under the bridge. All that crap.

To an extent I agree. Everyone has done something in their life they aren’t proud of. Everyone has wronged at least one person and regrets it (even if just a little).

But I just don’t give out forgiveness like handing out paper towels at a rib eating contest. You turned over a new leaf? Good for you – now show me! Prove to me that you are a new person and not just saying or acting the way you think I will accept.

A person’s history can’t just be tossed aside. What happened yesterday does make a big difference today. Otherwise, why bother having a system of rules, standards, even laws and law enforcement? After all, so what was done yesterday? Today is a new day.

No. Forgiveness has to be earned back. Fortunately enough people today still agree with me.

The whole is equal to the sum of its parts.

To error is to be human; To forgive is to be Devine. Guess I’m a bit short on the latter.

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