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July 31, 2008

Global Warming (Part 1) – I'm a Gas(t)!

I know every blogger in the world is writing about global warming and oil and so on. I promised not to follow the crowd on topics. But I have to relate this to you. It comes from another site.

On another site there is an article that contains the following sentence:

"Considering that the measures recommended by the world's politicians to combat global warming will cost tens of trillions of dollars and involve very drastic changes to our way of life, it might be thought wise to check the reliability of the evidence on which they base their belief that our planet is actually getting hotter."

This is sooooo much at the crux of the argument!

I'm not going to get into the "is global warming real?" debate at this time. I'll leave that for the rest of my blogger lemming brethren. But I have to discuss one of the responses that was posted to this article.

Here is part of the response someone posted:

"If each home had to have at least 1 solar panel and a wind mill - most could be off the grid ... people would be working for years to come ............remember oil is finite and we'll need it for more important things down the line than gas for car or home ...... like the medical field.

So life won't be the same cushie as you like it to be..... grow up and be a man. open that damn wallet and quit being cheap. care for something other than yourself ."

This is soooooooo typical of the global warming crowd!!

There is a saying:

Young and conservative, no heart.
Old and liberal, no hope.

In fairness, I don't know the age of the person who posted this. My best guess is it's a young person. Young people are easily molded by rhetoric and idealism. They haven't lived long enough to see the realities of life. They haven't experienced life enough. And, more to the point of this, they haven't worked hard for years and developed the sense of accomplishment for their hard work and wanting – expecting – to reap the high rewards for hard work. (and if this person is older then they truly are hopeless!)

Here is my comment on these thoughts:

" If each home had to have at least 1 solar panel and a wind mill - most could be off the grid . "

1 single solar panel can power an entire home? Since when??

That is a bold face falsehood. If you read the FAQs about solar power for the home they all say you should aim for 60-70% generation. That leaves 30-40% to come from somewhere else (i.e. the electric company).

Then what about at night? How will a solar panel power my house at night? Or on an overcast day? This spring on Long Island (NY) we had periods with 70-90% cloud cover for 5 to 7 days straight! Just how much electricity would be generated then?

And never forget the costs. How just how do you propose all that is paid for? I've looked into solar panels for my home. Would cost $40,000-$45,000. Are you going to give me $40k?

Wind mills? Impossible. First, a wind mill tower would need to be at least 100 feet up. Most towns have building codes that prohibit non-commercial structures more than 30 or so feet. So you'd have to change the building codes in every town/village/city in the country! The Federal government does not have the authority under the U.S. Constitution to mandate building codes to the states and localities! Second, I live near an airport. Couldn't do it for obvious reasons. Third, even with these restrictions I've looked into wind for shits&giggles. It would cost $65,000-$75,000 plus yearly maintenance. You got a spare $65k or $75k laying around?

My wife and I used to vacation in the fall on Block Island (RI). That's something that would not be possible in a global warming focused world, but I digress… Many home owners tried to put up wind power because the local electricity – generated locally on the island and fuel brought over in trucks via ferry – was some of the highest cost in the nation! The town quickly passed zoning ordinances to block further wind mills from going up. They said it was spoiling the scenic natural beauty of the island and community and was hurting business (tourism). You can look up the news stories about if yourself. So what do you when the push for global warming fixes conflict with local opinion and government? Force people?!


" remember oil is finite and we'll need it for more important things down the line than gas for car or home ...... like the medical field."

Is this person trying to say that people who now work in the oil field could be moved over to the medical field? Yea, right. I'm sure a 50 year old refinery worker would be happy to spend the next 10 years in medical school! You'd go to a refinery work/turned doctor for your health care, right?

You can not take someone who has worked 15-20-25 years in some field or industry and say "For the greater good your job is being eliminated. Here's a new entry-level job in some other totally unrelated field."

We do not live in a planned society. This is not communist Russia for G-d's sake!!

The government does not tell people what fields of work they need to undertake!

A quick less in economics: There is very little growth and health to an economy that only provides the base/basic needs of daily life. A growing, healthy economy is based on people having excess pay beyond what is needed to keep alive day to day AND having places to spend it! I'll bet you drink Starbucks at least twice a week. Do you really need Starbucks coffee?? Is Starbucks coffee essential to human survival? (no jokes please). And it surely isn't cheap!! But you choose to pay for it. That's fine. That's FREEDOM - the ability to earn and keep what you earn, then buy what you want with it. Look at home many people - often kids who need started jobs - make their living from Starbucks. In your vision of this new world I very much doubt places like Starbucks will be allowed.

Continuing on….

" so life won't be the same cushie as you like it to be....."

Cushie???? This is the 21st century!!! We live in the finest nation on earth, in all of human history!!! Why in Heaven's name shouldn't we live a good life if you're worked hard for it?!?!?! Why the hell am I busting my ass 50-60 hours a week, dealing with work and shit just so I can live in a tiny government mandated pre-fab cell in some central controlled complex? George Orwell would love you.

By the way - who the hell are you to tell me what kind of life I should lead?!

Will Al Gore give up his "cuhsie" mansion, private jets and limos? Any bets?

And finally…

" grow up and be a man. open that damn wallet and quit being cheap. care for something other than yourself . your going to have to anyway if you thought Iraq was worth it ( the ones who agree with it should have to solely pay for it )."

(I'm not going to touch the Iraq thing now but funny how it always comes back to that?)

As it is now between my Federal, State, FICA and Medicare tax I loose 35% of my pay before I even see it! In the last 15 years I've always had to write an extra check come April 15th too!

Then there is property tax (I pay $13,000/yr - is that enough for you?), sales tax, excise tax, use tax, energy tax, port tax, import tax, departure tax, disposal tax, water tax, sewer tax, "sin" tax (like on liquors), toll tax, registration tax, personal property tax, imputed value tax, license/permits tax, and in many case "processing fees" up the waaa-zoo to the same government I have to submit these taxes too!

Just let me know when I've paid enough.

(here's the link to the article and comments I'm referring to:

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