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July 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home! (For a Paranormal Investigator)

Every investigator has their favorite spots to investigate. For me and my group it's the Rolling Hills Asylum in Bethany, NY.

Last night (literally!) was our second investigation at this location and we love it! Just driving down the road to the building felt like we were coming (paranormally) home. Over 9.5 hours straight on site!


This is truly an awesome place. The size (65,000 square feet including both wings) and all the history (5,000 known dead and buried on the mere 12 acres site!) make this one of the great paranormal wonder sites in New York state.

We used a number of new ideas on this investigation we had been discussing all year since our first investigation here last year. And of course tons of evidence to go over (I have over 12 hours of audio to do at least!).

The website will be updated soon with the details of our investigation. But just being there is an awesome and awe inspiring experience.

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