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October 1, 2010


“It’s all about control.”

That’s what a long time friend told MasterPo too many years ago in MasterPo’s youth. He was referring to people and politicians that seem to be hell-bent on destroying the very fabric of the nation just to have power because “power” was the end game. Not improvement, not advancement, not trying to make things better in some weird/warped way. Just control over the people for the sake of control.

Laws and regulations that outright say you can’t do this or that, own something, go somewhere etc. are bad enough, though occasionally are a necessity of society – MasterPo is not a Libertarian.

But at least we can have an open discussion and debate on these statutes. And if/when passed we have the voting record of the politicians to hold them accountable for passing these laws.

But it is the unexpected and unforeseen outcomes that have the greater impact on our lives and our society in the longer run (or perhaps is in fact expected and foreseeable by those designing these laws and regulations). And as such are even more insidious and evil (yes, evil!). For, rather than outright say you can or cannot do this or that, a little change here or there “nudges” you in a certain directly while allowing the powers that be to give the appearance of clean hands in the matter.

For example, consider the slew of new car mileage standards being imposed and the changes to vehicle designs as it relates to the impact on your life. (This will be a lot easier for people with families than singles to understand but don’t dismiss it – one day you too will most likely have a family!)

SUV’s are bad. Small cars like a Yaris and Mini Copper are good. But realistically, how can a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children, especially small children in safety seats) fit in Yaris along with luggage, toys, food etc. that is need for a road trip or driving vacation? The situation becomes even more impractical (if not outright impossible) for a family of 5 or 6. Add in the family dog and you’re packed tighter than tuna in a can.

So you don’t take that driving vacation or don’t go so often to see family out of state, etc. You drive less, do less.


In fact, being in such a situation becomes more a personal choice by way of not having a family or restricting yourself to only one child. Thus, what would otherwise be a purely a voluntary choice to have only one child (or none at all) is really now imposed on you not by your own circumstances and decision making but by the practicality of the rules the ‘leaders’ have created ostensibly not about children but about cars. You certainly can still have as many children as you want. No one has made a law (yet!) that you can’t have 4-5-6 or more. But now how are you going to transport your brood in a Yaris? Forget travel and vacations – just to get them to school, sports, the library etc. Not happening. Or at least will cost you much much more in terms of needing additional vehicles.


For that matter, what of large people? MasterPo isn’t just referring to fat people (let’s call it for what it is, no PC talk here) but there are people who, for a variety of natural and well accepted health reasons, are very large. MasterPo can’t see those people cramming into a Mini Cooper. So now the push for ‘thin’ and ‘healthy’ becomes much more than a good idea for longevity and daily health, and now is truly a daily matter of practicality for being able to go and do what you want. Literally, the size of your vehicle requires you to be smaller of stature.


Meanwhile, the ‘leaders’ and politicians can say with a straight face and clean hands they did not force you to have only 1 or 2 children, you still have the freedom to go where you want to, and nobody is imposing standards of fitness upon you. All very true – in the letter of the law.
But there you are nevertheless, being limited as to the size of your family, the ability to travel by car, and even needing to be a certain physical size and magnitude to fit into a car.

And you’re left wondering “How did this happen??”


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