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October 16, 2010

Adapting is Falling Behind

As of writing this article the so-called “Financial Reform” bill is sailing through Congress and will most likely be passed and signed into law by the time this article is published. Much has already been writing about the proclaimed pros and cons of the bills and as readers well know by now MasterPo doesn’t rehash the same old same-old story. That’s what Google is for.

But one thing is certain: the total un-certainty of how all these new rules and regulations and oversight will manifest themselves in the market and thus impact all our lives.

You have a checking account? You’re impacted.
You have a mortgage? You’re impacted.
You have a 401k? You’re impacted.
You have a credit card? You’re impacted.

But to what extent?

That question was very poignantly made by one of the hosts on CNBC while discussion the ramifications of the bill. He said quote “Whatever they are, we’ll adapt.”

Adapt - aka Change.

Stop and really think about what that means.

Right now you go about your daily life, businesses go about their daily operations, more or less smoothly because the processes and procedures of your life (and business) are setup and functioning.

Along comes “change”.


Now you have to stop what you are doing and re-adjust the processes and procedures of your life for the new reality. That takes time, effort and cost. All the while you aren’t living your life but merely “adapting”.

For a business – particularly a small business – that means the owners and managers have to stop performing the functions of the business in order to focus on the “change”. MasterPo is a business owner. That means when these changes come MasterPo must stop managing and overseeing the functions of the business (making products, marketing and selling the products, organizing advertising, exploring new products etc) and spend valuable time “adapting” the business to the “changes”.

MasterPo Is not arguing the merits or need for change (nor is he blindly accepting it, just not a topic of this article). Simply that for the sake of a cohesive and smooth economy wholesale changes have a much more disruptive that positive effect that can negate any benefits the change is supposedly going to usher in.

That isn’t how you advance an economy.
Particularly one in perilous condition already.

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