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October 20, 2010

Dangerous Tough “Green” Love

It seems that for all of MasterPo’s adult life some celebrity or politician (hard to tell the difference some times), advocate, or zealot has been crying about how we as humans – and specifically we as Americans - only have X-amount of time to mend our evil post-industrial ways in order to “save the planet” or else it’s curtains for humanity. 10 years, 5, years, 4 years, whatever. It’s all the same. We have to take draconian measures now or the world is dead meat in whatever the time frame is.

Funny thing is, for all years someone has been screaming the time frame keeps getting pushed further and further out. 20 years ago when someone said we only had 10 years to fix the ills, well, the 10 year mark came and went and humans are still here doing rather well overall. So they added another 4-5-7 years.

It reminds MasterPo of the old joke: A guy goes to his doctor and the doctor tells him he only has 6 months to live. Then hands him the bill. The guy says he can’t pay the bill. So the doctor gives him another 6 months to live!

But jokes aside, now it’s getting a bit too serious. Not the rhetoric but the actions and possible future actions.

Consider: If you truly believed that something had to be changed now otherwise you and your family would be irrevocably harmed, to what lengths would you go to [try to] make that change happen?

Most recently (as of writing this) yet some other global warmers and greenies group made yet another statement that we (read Americans) have only 4 years to implement dramatic changes otherwise we’re all goners. Same song, different singer.

But now stop and think: If a person or group really and truly believes that we only have 4 years to changing things around otherwise everyone is forever and irrevocably harmed then to what extent is a person or group like this willing to go?

In the first year probably a lot of PR with heavy rhetoric and strong imagery.

But nothing changes (at least not to the extent or rate they feel it should!).

Second year add in law suits and open protests in the streets.

Still nothing changes.

Third year – half way to Dooms Day - now it becomes interesting.

Legal recourse?

There have recently been articles discussed how there is a push both in the U.S. and the U.K. (as well as Canada) that anyone who disagrees with global warming should be arrested and jailed. In Canada there is a push to have anti-global warming views actively suppressed and those expressing the views jailed for treason!

But let’s go on…

Fourth year – Time to pay the piper?

What if no significant public policy changes or industrial or social actions have taken place? Think again about a person or group who feels now is IT for saving the world and themselves or not.
What about active sabotage against the devices and facilities of what they perceive as the engines of threat to the environment?
What about violence against the owners and operators of these devices?

Imagine violence against industrial plants.Imagine violence against manufacturers and sellers of heavy machinery.Imagine coming out from the shopping mall to find your large car, pickup truck or SUV smashed!Imagine someone’s home that is deed a “McMansion” fire bombed!

Unlikely? Maybe.

But then again to a person that honestly truly believes this the end, the crunch time, the do or not do moment that we need to save the planet or else they and their families will perish because of your actions (or rather the lack there of) these actions may seem reasonable. Afterall, how far would you go to protect your family’s future?

Eco-terrorism isn’t new. But now it’s being brought closer to Main Street.

Consider the recent attack by a man at the headquarters of the Discovery Channel. His motivations were published on the net for all to see: He was an extreme zero-population person. MasterPo read his manifesto (before it was removed) and, as others have reported, it was full of anger and hate for humans and babies. He really seemed to think physical force to stop human procreation was the answer (and that Discovery Channel should prompt it by having sympathetic programming).

This person may be the first of a long and violent line of people who feel ‘talk’ has gone as far as it can; Now actions are needed.

There is nothing more dangerous than a man on a mission.

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