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May 5, 2010

To Follow in Your Father's Foot Steps?

One of the many responsibilities of a parent is to guide your children as to their path in life. While it's true that ultimately children will grow to find their own way in life, a parent can't simply say "I birthed them so now sink or swim, it's up to them." At least not caring parents.

Work/job/career however you wish to put it is even more vital today than ever before. And choosing a career path is even harder then ever before because everything that used to be considered solid and certain (if not secure) seems to be turned on its side.

It's easy, even traditional, for parents to encourage or even expect their kids to go into the same kind of work they have done (and maybe even their parents have done). Especially in the professional field, who wouldn't like to say their kid isn't also following in their career path?

But is that really such a great idea?

If you are an auto worker, do you really see a great employment future for the industry?
If you are a coal miner, do you really see a great employment future for the industry?
And yes, even if you are a doctor do you really see a great employment future for the industry?

There may always be a job for a given field of work. But is it something you would bank your future on?

The old saying "It was good enough for me, it's good enough for you" just isn't good enough any more!

While no one can see the future (who would ever have thought aspiring to be a doctor was a highly risky profession career wise?!) in MasterPo's opinion it is the function of a parent provide such guidance and not leave it to pure chance.

Follow in your father's (or mother's) foot steps can lead you right off a cliff too.


Grace. said...

I completely agree.

Now, how about a post on how to get one's darling children to FOLLOW Mom's (in my case, cuz there's no Dad for the children I adopted as a single parent) advice and guidance?

MasterPo said...

Grace - You should well know that MasterPo doesn't play gender-PC word games.

Father's foot steps, mother's foot steps - it's all the same.

Now getting your kids to actually follow your advise that would be epic indeed! :-)