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May 11, 2010

Gold: All That Glitters…

Nations come and go.
But gold remains.

That's a fact.

The gold minted by the Aztecs and Babylonians (among others) thousands of years ago is still highly prized and valuable today. Even if all the art was melted down the base metal still has value.

MasterPo isn't going to speculate one way or another on the investment angle of gold ownership.

Certainly the recent rise in gold (and silver) is astonishing, even when you do take into account that gold typically does rise during Democrat administrations and falls (or at least remains more or less level) during Republican administrations.

There are plenty of websites and blogs that discuss why you should own (physically) some gold (or silver or platinum) if you want to read them.

Whether we are in fact in a "gold bubble" is the topic de jure` on most financial sites and news shows. Probably we are. MasterPo isn't necessarily a gold bug. Speculating on commodities is a whole other thing.

But the fact is people still see gold as a safe place in times of economic and political uncertainty.

And Heaven knows we have no lack of that these days!

In a totally collapsed world, a true Mad Max/Road Warrior society, gold probably wouldn't do you much good. But MasterPo doesn't see that as a likely happening. Social and even civil unrest brought on by economic strife is much more a chance, though certainly also not definite (as of writing this anyway).

Are we in a gold bubble? Time will tell.

Yet even if we are, there are much worse things than owning overpriced gold.

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