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May 8, 2010

Anyone Have Change for a $20??

Futurists may finally be correct. At least in part.

In that we are living in a “cashless” society. At least more and more.

This was penitently dramatized for MasterPo recently when MasterPo needed to get change for a $20. A pair of $10’s would have been great, four $5’s good too, or any combination thereof.

MasterPo asked over a dozen people for change and no one had the cash!

(Nor does MasterPo think it’s because the people asked just didn’t have money period.)

MasterPo has to admit that he too is using credit and debit to pay for even small, routine transactions more and more then with cash. It is easier AND more convenient than always having to run to an ATM for cash. And the record keeping is easier too.

Cash won’t die. Not any time soon.

But the ol’ greenback may already be going the way of the buggy whip.

MasterPo wonders: Will this change the way “cash&carry” works?

Something to ponder.


Grace. said...

I read somewhere that more people are using debit cards than credit cards--which is much closer to paying with cash.

But I do know for myself that having to hand over green bills just "hurts" more than the plastic card, so I still try keep cash in my purse.

See--I probably COULD have changed that $20 for you!

MasterPo said...

Plastic is just easier than having to stop at the ATM.

And you are correct. Studies have shown that people paying omn plastic (debt or credit) do tend to spend more then with cash.

But cash talks too.

ps- Mrs. MasterPo always says the $20 is the new $5.