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February 20, 2009

Freedom Of Movement

"Freedom" and liberty encompass a great many aspects. Infringement on one diminishes all the others.

One of the greatest freedoms (not to imply there are lesser freedoms) is the ability to travel anywhere at any time. Your only restriction is where to get fuel and how much you can afford.
Despots and totalitarians always try to control freedom of movement of people. A population that can't go anywhere (at least no where fast or no where that can't be tracked) is dangerous to the ruling body.

The head long mad dash to smaller and alternate powered automobiles (not to mention an underlying theme of automobile elimination in many locations altogether) is such an infringement on the freedom of movement.

First, the shear size of these smaller cars makes it hard if not impossible for 2 people to take any kind of multi-day trip. There just isn't the room for driver, passenger, some luggage, cooler, accessories etc. Now add in a child and all the extras that have to come along and you can't squeeze all that into a sardine can! Imagine two adults and a baby in a Smartcar!(?)
Next there is the power issue. On long hauls where great distances has to be covered over major roads the benefits of a hybrid diminish greatly. Add in weather conditions, like snow, and that affects the benefits even more.

For electrics it's even worse. It would be impossible to travel hundreds of miles in a reasonable time frame. For example, recently my wife and I drove from Long Island to Portland, Maine. The trip (with rest stops) took 6 hours. We refueled twice a long the way. But with an electric it would take at least 2 full days considering the speed and the recharge time. Plus the added expense of a hotel for the over night on the way up. In another example, last year some friends took a road trip from Long Island to Colorado(!). Sharing thr driving it took about 35 hours straight (each way - I chose to fly instead!). They drove to be cheaper and enjoy the scenary. Couldn't have done that in an electric.

Finally, there is the safety. I don't care how many studies you sight about the comparative safety of a mini, electric or hybrid car. The evidence of my own eyes shows these can't be safe at a high speed accident.

When a population can't quickly or readily move itself it's easier to control.

One for the road.

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