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February 24, 2009

Can't We All Get Along? – No!

"Can't we all just get along?" It's a sweet idea. And not a bad goal to aim for.

But the reality is the answer to that question has to be a resounding NO!

As hash as that seems to deny it is to deny the truth and to force one party to give in on their own views and opinions.

In the paranormal field there are a number of different view on research equipment and techniques. Some hold very strongly to their opinion on the validity or not of the equipment and techniques. For example, some people love the K2 meter while others make the case that it is "ify" at best. In another example, some believe very strongly in the use of a psychic or sensitive while others feel the readings on equipment should guide the investigation and conclusions.

The specifics don't really matter. What does matter is that in order for us "all to get along" one side that has strong feelings pro/con, this/that has to given to the other side and as such give up their position. That's not right for anything, paranormal or not.

People can disagree and remain respectful. At least in public. And should. It is not an criticism of a person or a personal attack to strongly disagree with someone as long as you can list reasonable and logical arguments for your point of view.

One can argue that it is through conflict, not agreement, that real advancement is made. People challenging established ideas, forcing people to re-evaluate and re-think their stand on a topic. Even if that topic is considered in stone (like the Earth is round – but don't tell the Flat Earth Society!) challenging it is a good idea as long as you have some basis to challenge with. Just saying you don't agree isn't good enough unless you offer up your own list of reasons.

As I have written in this blog before, and idea or theory isn't one just because you say it is. Just putting forth a concept is not worthy of praise! The fact is that not all ideas are created equal. Not all are sufficient to be considered viable. Some are ideas are just plain ridiculous. And it's important to stand up and say they are, not embrace them out of a warped sense of getting along!

And what is more concerning is those who are not familiar with the paranormal but thirst for information. When these novices come in contact with these ridiculous ideas they have no basis to refute them and usually accept it as so. Which is one very sure sign of a person with a shaky basis on fact – that they can't convince seasoned colleagues of their ideas but instead have to indoctrinate the inexperienced.

Getting a long is a great goal to aim for. But not at the cost being blind to reality, turning away from truth, and having an anything-goes approach.

Green cheese anyone?

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