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February 17, 2009

Breaking Away

"We hate to see you go.
We hate to see you go.
Hope to Hell you never come back,
We hate to see you go!"

(sung to the tune of "A Bear Went Over The Mountain")

In spite of romantic myth and song breaking up really isn't so hard to do. In fact, it's as easy as switching off a light.

I'm not referring so much to romantic relationship breakups but rather friends and associates leaving groups. I understand that sometimes you reach a juncture in life and you have to take the path that you think is best for yourself at this risk of pissing someone else off. It's your life, you have to live it as you think is best. I accept that. But what happened to the concept of not burning a bridge? Or not forgetting where you came from? The sheer cold shoulder is brutal.

I have known many people in my adult life that are your buddy today and then tomorrow comes and they don't even acknowledge you. No friendly farewells. No heart-to-heart talks along the lines of "I have to do this in my life". Nothing. Just good-bye and have a nice life.

That's fine (well, not really but it is common) for a business to act but individuals who have known each other for years, been through a lot together, shouldn't act that way.

There's a guy now I've known for nearly 4 years. We, as well as a group of others, have met up more or less weekly for all that time. We have traveled many places, experienced many things together, but up with a lot of BS together etc. Suddenly he's gone. Just one day he said he has to move on and that was that. Life will go one but it did leave me and the rest of the group asking WTF?!

I understand the need to sometimes do what's best for yourself. Sometimes that will piss off others as your departure will make their lives more difficult. But it seems the concept of a friendly hand-shake 'Good-Bye' is just another urban legend.

Behavior like that is for grade school kids, not adults.

This article isn't going to resolve anything. Just an expression of dismay and frustration.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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