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January 20, 2009

All Wrapped Up In The 1st Amendment

Some people love to wrap themselves in the 1st amendment "free speech" clause as if it was their own personal soap box. When disagreed with these people just love to beat their critics over the head with the "I have the right to say what I want" line.

Oh phuleeze!

You may have the right to say what you want but what about me? Don't I also have that same right? You said something I disagree with. Do I only have the right to free speech if it is in agreement with your free speech? I don't think so. Funny how some people don't see it that way.

And more importantly, while you may have the right to free speech you most certainly do not have the requirement to be heard! Yes, I said it (my free speech at work).

Your free speech does not obligate me to listen to you. Say all you want and I can just ignore you. Nothing in the 1st amendment requires me to listen (or read) what you say.

And further, nothing in the 1st amendment that requires me to remain silent if I disagree with you. Nor does the 1st amendment protect your feelings from getting hurt. You're an adult – act like one! (something far fewer people are doing these days anyway.)

I shouldn't be too upset I suppose. Teaching the U.S. Constitution isn't a high priority in schools these days. Nevertheless, those in glass bubbles should toss stones without knowing what they are talking about.

Ps- If you chose not to read this post I'm not offended and won't threaten to sue you.

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