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January 6, 2009

The Right of The People To Defense (Part 1)

Israel has taken a lot of heat from the international community for defending herself from the constant rocket attacks launched by Hamas into Israeli civilian neighborhoods. No surprise there. The "international community" seems quite blind to whatever arab terrorists do but quickly condemns Israel when lifting a finger in defense or response.

Thankfully Israel, unlike the U.S., doesn't care much about international views while its civilians are being murdered in there homes.

In this country President Bush took heat for many years for his policies and approaches to the war on terror. Even now out of office he is vilified in effigy in articles and books about his approach. Nevertheless, the reality is that in 7 years after the attacks of 9/11/01 there has not been another successful terrorist attack on American soil says a lot about the validity of his policies (unless you believe the terrorists are just good hearted people who decided to give us a break for all those years, and if you do I have a bridge to sell real cheap!)

It is the job, nay the obligation, of a government to defend it's citizenry from attack at all times!

When a government refuses to take any and all necessary steps humanly possible to protect it's citizens from attack that government is behaving unethically and immorally at the very least – possibly even illegally.

The individual citizen can do nothing to protect him/herself and their family from attacks launch outside the boarders of their country (or for that matter plots hatched with in the boarders of the country too). You and I have no hope of defending ourselves short of just leaving. That is why to a great extent people come together to form 'government's: For pooling resources to affect the common defense of all citizens under that government.

After the attacks have stopped and the attacking party (or parties) have been rendered incapable of restarting attacks then you can talk about agreements and negotiations. But to talk about that while attacks are underway and do nothing in response is malpractice if such term can be applied to government (and I think it should be for a wide range of topics, but I digress…).

History has proven that real, lasting peace is only ever achieved when one side's war making machinery is totally destroyed and they have nothing left to fight with. That is cold reality. To expect an attacker fully armed, ready and willing to fight to the last to simply stop the attacks over some piece of paper is to want to make something that has never been achieved in thousands of years of human history!

While I agree humanity needs to advance beyond knee-jerk violence, my life and that of my family isn't part of your social intellectual experiment!

Turn the other cheek – after your opponents hands have been cuffed.

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