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January 24, 2009

The Best Class To Take In School

The best course to take in school is….

If you are in college now,
If you are going to start college,
If you are going back to school,
If you are looking to take some extra post-graduate or professional courses,

Then the best #1 course to take is (BRRRRRRRRRR (<- drum roll) )


Take Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Auditing, Tax Accounting, and perhaps Managerial Accounting (in that order). Use them as your elective credits. Even better, get a minor in it.

The subject is probably as dry and boring as you'll ever have in school No one will be impressed that you're taking it.And it definitely will not make you Mister or Miss Popular at parties.

But a solid understanding of accounting is essential to your career and life!

Accounting is universal to all fields, all industries, all sorts of businesses and ventures. Being just that much more familiar with accounting practices and the tools of accounting can make or break your success in an instant.

For everything and anything you do in life accounting will come into play. Whether you are an employee or own your own business a solid base understanding of accounting is essential. In your own life you need to understand cash flows, checks/balances, income and expense etc. If you ever hope to do any investing (and you definitely should but more on that in a future post) a solid understanding of account is a must both for your own benefit and to be able to analyze investments.

Accounting is a knowledge you never know when or where you will need to have. When I was in college I fought hard not to have to take it. As an undergraduate I majored in Computer Science. So after all, what did a wanna-be programmer need with debits and credits, ledgers and journals? Oh boy was I wrong! Almost from day-1 after leaving school did I fall back on my accounting knowledge from class time and time again right through today.

You don't have to become a CPA. I wouldn't want to be (no insult intended to the CPA readers of my blog). But no matter what work you do in life and where you go no employer or business partner will ever give you a hard time about having a solid accounting background.

Trust MasterPo on this one.

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