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August 29, 2008

Sticking It To Hilary!

By now you've probably heard: John McCain has selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as is VP running mate.

This has got to totally piss off Hilary!!

Gov. Palin is very young (born February 11, 1964). Based on the pictures I've seen so far she's quite good looking. I'd say even hot for a middle-aged woman with 5 children and the stress of being a Governor (far better looking than Hilary even on her best day!). Yes I'm a pig – so sue me.

There hasn't been a female VP candidate of a major party since 1984 when Geraldine Ferraro was Senator Walter Mondale's VP pick in his run against President Reagan in Reagan's second term. A real lose/lose ticket for the Democrats.

With this pick John McCain stands an excellent chance of winning. Gov. Palin is young, a mother, a successful Governor, a conservative – she's got a very strong resume.

Hilary has to be fit to be tied! I know she's probably suspected this will be the pick (there are no secrets in inside politics) but now that it's official she must be fuming. Why?

Consider this:

Gov. Palin stands a very strong chance of being the first female VP in office.

If McCain wins re-election in 2012 almost certainly Palin will run as President in 2016. All other things being equal and assuming no significant problems in life (a big assumption for an 8 year span I grant) there is a very real chance Sarah Palin will be the first woman President in American history!

That has to be keeping Hilary up at night!

Time will tell. No counting chickens yet.

But it is interesting.

As the ancient Chinese curse says "May you live in interesting times!"

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