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August 26, 2008

A Liberal Rush Limbaugh? Now That's Humor!

Love him or hate him there is no doubt Rush Limbaugh is successful.

I love him (philosophically that is). So I guess that makes me part of the vast Right-Wing conspiracy. Never mind that "vast" and "conspiracy" are oxymoronic in the same sentence, why let a little thing like reality matter. But I digress from the nature of this post.

I started listening to ol' Rush nearly 20 years ago, just after the origianl '60 Minutes' interview with him. I saw that interview and thought "I've got to hear what this guy has to say!". The next day I tuned in and have been listening ever since. Never called the show though I did think about it many times. It would be awesome to have a dinner with him or attend one of his lectures/presentations!

Liberals just love to wring their hands and scratch their heads and ask "Why can't WE have our own Rush Limbaugh?".They tried a couple of times such as with former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo and post-President Bill Clinton.

In full disclosure and in the interests of scientific research (observing the subject at hand before making a conclusion) I did listen to Gov. Cuomo a little. It was like listening to paint dry. I'm surprised Amnesty International didn't sue as being cruel and unusual punishment (well, not really surprised, they are both liberal).

So why can't the libs get their own Rush Limbaugh on the air? Draw a huge audience? And get people just as fired up as Rush does?

Very simple.

1 – Rush has a positive message for everyone. The best days of America are ahead of us, not long gone as liberals want us to believe. Rush states and believes that we are great today and will be even greater tomorrow. That's a very un-PC thing to say these days, that America is a great country. Liberals are constantly telling us how embarrassed and ashamed we should be of ourselves and how much better other countries are than we. Americans' don't believe that and don't want to hear it. We know we are a great country. Not perfect but the best the world has to offer in terms of freedom, leadership, self control, self destiny, economics, prosperity, and opportunity. Liberals would tell us all those things are just a pipe dream and we need to become like other countries, who surprisingly have nowhere near out levels of those things.

2 – Rush states and believes in YOU! He believes that you are the best person to make choices for yourself. NOT government! He believes that everyone has the power to make themselves the best they can be, to elevate themselves into the highest levels of life and fortunate. It is NOT for people to wait around hoping government will pass some law or create some program that will safe them. Rush constantly states that it is the American getting up in the morning, going to work, doing their job, taking care of themselves and family, having some fun in life and taking care of their own affairs that is what makes the country run. It is not the people in government that make America work so well. Rush is self made, living what he professes so it's really hard to argue with that.

3 – And not to be overlooked, Rush is entertaining. The subject matter is easy to poke fun at. It's easy to make fun of a person who says that taxes and rules make you free. It's easy to point out the hypocrisy of someone who owns a giant mansion that sucks down thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity but says you should use less and pay more for what you use. It's crazy to think milk should be reclassified as liquid meat or that a fish has just the same rights as a human. And how ridiculous is it that someone thinks Joe Camel is a greater threat to America than Al Qaeda or Osama Bin Laden??? By contrast, I don't see how someone can make fun of things like lower taxes, less government regulation, less government intrusion in our daily lives, stopping an attack before it's launched and preventing those people from even trying it again.

The modern liberal message is one gloom and doom. That is not an appealing or entertaining message. You can't make a pile of dung look and smell like roses.

That's why there is no liberal Rush Limbaugh.

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