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May 28, 2011

Words That Hurt To the Quick.

It is amazing how you can go through life believing your are immune to silly contrived situations.That your emotions are well under control.You’re a rock.

Then – BAM! – out of the blue you’re TKO’d by an otherwise harmless sentence or phrase. In a brief New York second your emotional defenses are down and you’re human again.

MasterPo just had one of those moments.

A few minutes before writing this article MasterPo was reading an e-book (title doesn’t matter). One of the characters described the death of some puppies by starvation and dehydration. A truly horrific image.

Why did this particular description hurt so much? The entire book is all about the horrors of a fictional war with millions upon millions of people also dying horrific deaths. So why do some fictionalpuppies dying hurt so much?

In time the imagined image of the story in MasterPo’s mind will fade and be buried under layers of other more urgent (and mundane) events of life like an oyster coating an irritating sand grain under its’ skin. Yet this story won’t yield a beautiful pearl.

MasterPo will leave it to the shrinks and mind tinkerers to give a mumbo-jumbo explanation as to why humans react this way. It will sound good, and sound BS.

Thus is the nature of being human.

Something to be glad for these days.

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Arsenius the Hermit said...

I like animals more than I like most people. Maybe you do too, and just don't know it? There's also the fact that humanity has a real knack for bringing down disaster on itself, but animals just happen to get in the way through no fault of their own.