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May 12, 2011

Look Who MasterPo is Sleeping With! (or, No Cowards Allowed in This Bed!)

(Bet that got your attention!)

The proverbial line about politics making for strange bed fellows is alive and well. MasterPo finds himself joining the ranks of unusual partners under the sheets on a certain topic.

If Social Security is the 3rd rail of politics then Abortion is its junction box (to keep the high voltage analogy going, not that the two are related).

That is to say, MasterPo finds himself taking sides on abortion – strongly.

Until now MasterPo has considered himself ambivalent but leaning to the pro-choice side.

That is, until now.

Now MasterPo finds himself leaning more strongly on the pro-life side.Parenthood will do that.

Especially when parenthood is the result of adoption.The idea that MasterPo’s children’s birth mother could have aborted them instead of placing them for adoption is chilling. MasterPo and Mrs. MasterPo would never have known our wonder children.

The circumstances of the birth mother were (and still are) such that she is barely in a position to support and care for herself much less a child. While details are unimportant the aspect is she could have aborted her pregnancies. But instead sought a better life for her children than she could provide.

MasterPo isn’t going to debate why she produced children at a time in her life she couldn’t support herself much less children. People cause accidents and accidents cause people.

But she did produce children and took the responsibility to seek out a better life for them instead of ending their lives.

A small decision that leads to a big honor.


Grace. said...

I honor your position, but oddly enough, having adopted five times myself (always older children from foster care), I came to the exact opposite conclusion. Given that I'm something of a knee-jerk liberal at the best of times, I've always been pro-choice. But knowing what my children went through prior to coming to my home, both pre-natally (two of my children have fetal alcohol effects) and post-birth (physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect--you name it and my kids have experienced it), it is very clear to me that everyone--my wonderful children, their damaged parents, society in general--would have been better off if their mothers had terminated the pregnancies. Yes, I would have missed being their mother, but I don't need children to be tortured for 8 to 11 years just so I can have a family--if that's the cost, I would rather be childless.

OTOH--since my kids were already here, no one had taken the abortion option, and I was SO ready to be a mother, I can't help but be glad that we all ultimately became a family.

Arsenius the Hermit said...

I'm not at all religious, so my distaste for abortion is largely based on personal experience. I work with a woman who got pregnant at 17. She kept the baby, now that girl is a cheerleader at the high school, an honors student, and plans to be a marine biologist. She will probably make it, too, with her drive and determination. What a loss if she had never been given the chance to live.