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February 22, 2011

Rejecting Wealth?(!)

It is reported that one of the many themes of the revolt in Egypt and Tunisia, as well as other calls for revolt and civil unrest in many parts of the world – including the U.S. – is the rejection of capitalism and condemnation of “wealth” (both cash in the bank as well as assets). In short, it is said to be a rejection of wealth, those who have wealth, the pursuit of wealth, and the perceived proverbial unequal distribution of said wealth.

“Rejecting Wealth” - Stop and really think about that.

Where does wealth come from?

If you’re the U.S. Federal Reserve you can print all the “wealth” (read as money) you want. But for the rest of us little people we have to work and earn it (do you know anyone with a printing press in their basement spitting out dollars?). That means being productive, creative, innovative, intrepreneurial etc.
By rejecting “wealth” that automatically is a rejection of those things too:

Rejecting invention and innovation.Rejecting productivity and efficiency.Rejecting creativity and vision.Rejecting risk taking and out-of-the-box thinking.

Is that really such a good thing?!

Every device, item, tool and service we enjoy today had to be thought of, invented, refined, and brought to market for us to buy and use. Someone (probably a lot more than just one person) made tons of money doing this. They got wealthy.

Reality check: No one is going to do all the things outlined about without the reward of wealth. No one!

All the good things people have created are as much for helping and providing to others as it is to make themselves wealthy. Take away that wealth incentive and few people will toil away year after year after year. That is the motivation for going the extra mile, thinking grand thoughts and putting effort to make the idea real.

Without the very real prospects of wealth why bother?

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