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February 3, 2011

I Hate Winter!

It’s official. MasterPo doesn’t like winter.

As a child MasterPo loved the snow, the days off from school (infrequent as they were – NYC schools rarely close), not so keen on the shoveling but overall the snow was a friend. Being cold, wet, half frozen was all part of the thrill.

Not anymore.

MasterPo still very much enjoys the change of seasons. MasterPo wouldn’t want to live in a place that was sunny and 80’s all year long. But as MasterPo grows old more and more the winter feels like it’s getting harsher and harsher. Just can’t shake that cold.

Sure, 6 months from now in the sweltering heat and humidity of summer (and the higher electric bills!) MasterPo will be counting the days until the cooler weather approaches. But for now MatserPo has had enough of winter.

Ps- Anyone seen Al Gore lately?

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