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January 26, 2011

Show Me The Green?

While writing this MasterPo is looking at a new bottle of Aquafina.

It is “new” because it says it’s made with 50% less plastic.

And it feels it. Very very flimsy. Nearly ripped the top of the bottle off breaking the initial seal!

Not just Aquafina. Other companies too are touting how their bottles are now made with 20-30% less plastic.

Save the world and all.

But it occurs to MasterPo: Plastic is a material in the product.. Use 20-30-50% less and the cost of the product should be less because there’s less material going into the manufacturing. Right?

So why hasn’t the price come down?!?!?

Before you rush off a response along the lines of “corporate greed” ask yourself: Isn’t this a lot like the rest of the “green” agenda policy - Pay more, get less?

Yea, right.

Daniel Webster is rolling over in his gave.

1 comment:

Jack said...

Green = More money, contrary to what most believe. Al Gore, soon to be the worlds first Green Business Billionaire, if I remember correctly. Green is just as much an agenda (if not more so) than to help the planet...