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January 11, 2011

Which Way Did He Go George? Which Way Did He Go?

Remember that classic scene from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons? The rabbit would reply “He went that at-way!” while pointing fingers in opposite directions. Following the financial and economic opinions these days reminds MasterPo of that scenario. No one seems to have a solid clue where things are much less where things are going.

When the stock market is going up the pundits talk of growth and strong recovery.

When the stock market is going down the pundits talk of slow down and maybe more stimulus.

Even intraday on several financial websites and news services there will be 2-3 articles about how strong the market is, how it’s poised for a break out, how well things are going etc. But then followed by an article or two about how there is no recovery, the employment landscape is a desert, Europe and the PIIGS are getting worse etc.

Come on guys - So which is it??

How about a little consistency with your point of view. Even if you’re blowing sunshine up our backsides either keep doing it. Or at a minimum give acknowledgement to the opposite you were just reporting and explain why now your opinion has changed!

We are living in very uncertain times and people are looking to you for some direction. If you don’t have any directions fine – say so! Just don’t keep changing your mind depending on the next uptick or downtick.

You’re supposed to be “analysts” – go analyze, conclude and report!

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