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February 16, 2010

What Motivates YOU?

If you work, or even if you're still in school learning or training for a profession, what is your motivation?

In other words, why are you working that job or preparing for that work?

Certainly having a knack for work is a good reason. Having a keen interest in the work or believing in the value of the work is always helpful. And actually enjoying what you do, believing you get a sense of achievement from the work is a good thing as well (there is nothing worse then slugging through the day of a job that is uninteresting and you never seem to get anything accomplished or finished).

But, what about the money?

MasterPo knows.

How awful MasterPo is for thinking about money.
How greedy MasterPo is for actually wanting to get paid well for his work.
How wrong it is to expect all the compensation MasterPo can get.

Get real!

While all the reasons prior are good and helpful for doing your work, anyone who tells you that the money earned isn't important to them is either a liar or a na├»ve fool – or both!

Yet in the current political climate it is practically a Cardinal Sin to seek out fortune. And if you do find your fortune through hard work and concentrated effort (or just luck, what is wrong with that?) then you are to be punished via taxation.

How did we get here?

The answer is simple: Whiney lazy people!!

Hard work and effort is just that: hard!

And no matter how hard you work there is no guarantee of a successful ending, though if you don't work hard there is the certainty you won't have a successful ending.

But why work hard when you can whine and the government will just give you want?


So why bother?

And there in is the problem.

Why bother?

Why bother spending years in school and/or training (and the cost), then years and years hard working from the bottom up to maybe (because again there is no guarantee) you will be very successful and rich (how evil!) someday?

No society has ever grown and prospered (much less survived for very long!) without people making the effort to strive to be more.

To be sure, not everyone is like this. There still are hard workers.

But there is a break-even level. A point of critical mass. A minimum number below which if there aren't enough hard working people then the few there are can't support the rest. And the economy – and society – collapses.

Chew on that in between beers and Xbox.

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