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February 19, 2010

The Unfairness of Fairness

Fair and Fairness are two words that if MasterPo had his way would be expunged from the American dialog.

For 25 years at least we have been bombarded on nearly a daily basis about how "unfair" this or that is to some group of people. Or our so-called leaders have said they are for some system of "fairness" for all.

Don't misunderstand MasterPo. "Fair" and "Fairness" are great concepts for discussion in a college philosophy class. Just not practical concepts for the application of life.

Nature is not "fair".

No aspect of life will ever be totally "fair".

Individuals by the sheer virtue of being individuals (as opposed to carbon copy clones or something like that) will always be different and thus the out comes of their lives, and society as a whole, will always be different. To force an artificial "fairness" upon people create a false environment that spawns yet more problems.

Two people can grow up in the exact same kinds of houses next to each other in the same neighborhood, go to the same schools, play the same sports, study the same subjects, etc. And yet 30-40 years into their lives one will be a well established and highly paid executive (such a evil thing in today's society!) at a Fortune-whatever company while the other is the overnight supervisor at the local Wendy's.


Philosophically, no. But practically, absolutely YES!

The true "unfairness" comes from trying to impose the false mirage of "fairness" upon people of different talents, different abilities, different work ethics, etc.

"Fairness" is better refereed to "Sameness of Result" which just isn't true. There never is the same result for any two (or more) people. The world, indeed the universe itself, is not fair even balance between anything.

To force such a sameness of result balance harms society in far more ways than it helps. It degrades the achievements of those who have worked hard to get where they are, it de-motives others from trying hard, and it rewards the lazy.

More over, it is not the function of a government to enforce the sameness of result upon all persons regardless of abilities or efforts or achievements. And the simple reality is that not everyone can be anything they want. Someone somewhere will always have and advantage that someone else doesn't.

We may be more evolved than the jungle but the rules of nature still apply.

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