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November 18, 2009

Executive Jobs Are Jobs Too!

On Tuesday November 17th (this year) I saw an interview on Fox News between Neil Cavuto and some Congressman (a Democrat) about job creation in this recession.

The Congressman was touting the usual claim of "jobs created or saved" by the stimulus, specifically all the roads and bridge work that supposedly is taking place. I say "supposedly" because at least in my area I haven't seen any new roads or bridges being built or re-built since the stimulus was passed. But I digress…

Neil Cavuto made a great comment. He asked the Congressman (paraphrase):

What about all the white collar professionals out of work in this recession?
People like technical staff at Boeing and United Technologies?
And business people like corporate Executives and managers?
Do you expect these people to pick up a shovel and start laying concrete?
What do they know about building bridges?!

This is an excellent comment that I've heard Neil and others make before and yet never gets answered!

But more over, it was the Congressman's reply that struck me, quote "I'm not concerned about jobs for Executives!" he said with a smile and a laugh.

Well, he ought to be very concerned!

Are Executives and senior level managers any less employees?
Are the jobs of Executives and senior level managers any less part of a healthy, growing economy?
Are the bills, mortgages, food, clothing, transportation, tuition etc. paid for by Executives and senior level managers any less important than someone else's bills?

No one has ever increased the value of an economy by cutting off people at the top!

And given how President Obama is eager to tax the stuffing out of "the rich", where do you think he's going to find all of "the rich" when highly paid Executives and senior manager jobs are gone?

Further, where is the incentive to work hard? To get an education or advanced training? To put in effort and to strive?

Sure, keeping a job is important. But if you have to work 2-3-4-5 times as hard just to keep your job and not advance, what kind of value does that add to your life and the economy overall?

In spite of what many liberals think of the American population, on the whole we aren't dumb. People simply aren't going to put in the time and effort and cost (in all definitions of the word) for little or nothing back. And that is not how you grow an economy out of a recession!

A rising tide must lift all boats.

Executives are Americans too!

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