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November 23, 2009

Are you REALLY THAT Poor?

As of writing this the government healthcare bill has passed the first round of voting. Still a long way to go from being law but it's crawling there.

As is my way, I'm not going to rehash all the same problems and issues of the proposed new massive government entitlement program. That's well documented on other sites.

But I will say this:

If someone (individual or family) is sooooooooooooo poor they can't afford any kind of health insurance coverage, even just major medical or accident insurance, and they live in daily fear that a mere illness or broken limb will send them to the streets when they have to pay for their own care then if they take the government plan – paid for by you and mean Joe Taxpayer American – then in my opinion this person or family must be required to live under certain rules.

If these people are just soooooooooo poor they need you and me to pay for their healthcare for the rest of their lives (and ours!) then I say these people need to have none of the following:

No cell phones for anyone under 18.
No ring tones other than whatever basic sounds come with the phone.
No iphone or blackberry or similar.
No streaming video, music or internet.
No cable or satellite television other than absolute basic programming.
No pay-per-view services.
No DVR service.No Xbox, wii, Game Boy or Play Station.
No big screen TV's; If they have one and it breaks get a small tube!
No new DVD, CD or stereo equipment.
No new computer unless it's needed for work or school.
No internet service unless it's needed for work or school.
No new car (buy or lease); get a used one.
No changes or modifications to existing autos except for needed repairs.
No vacations more than 3 days long and/or more than 50 miles from home.
No boat, RV, jet ski etc. ; If they already own such it must remain unregistered and unused or sold.
No eating out – ever! – even just to McDonalds.
No season tickets for anything.
No going to the movies.
No subscription based movie service such as Netflix.
No magazine subscriptions unless required for school or work.
No club or association memberships unless required for work or school.
No playing the lottery!
No buying beer, wine, or liquor of any kind for any reason.
No smoking (cigarettes, cigars etc).
No home improvements or remodeling other then needed repairs.
No new home appliances other then replacements of similar kind for broken devices.
No personal beauty or cosmetic services (hair dresser, finger nails, spa etc.)

And, to mix it up even more – They can not have any additional children! If a pregnancy occurs the child must be given up for adoption unless they can obtain health insurance coverage with in a short period of time after birth.

I think these rules are very fair and reasonable.

If a person or family is sooooooooo poor and healthcare is sooooooooo much a concern they must take public assistance then these are pointless and frivolous expenses they should be required to give up.

If you can afford the things on this list then you can afford to buy your own health insurance!



Anonymous said...

This is the dumbest blog post I have ever read. Ever thought of educating yourself a little bit? We have socialised healthcare here in the UK, and guess what? There is not mass chaos and panic in the streets.

MasterPo said...

Funny that you have to try to insult me (not insulted) rather than address my point:

If someone can "afford" all the extras I have listed above they surely can "afford" some level of health insurance.

Really now.

Is an Xbox more important than healthcare?

ps- Sure there isn't panic in the streets. People die in the hospitals or at home waiting for care before they can panic.

Go drink that warm pond froth you call beer.

Anonymous said...

Your attitude is unbelievably ignorant. Why don't you just sterilise poor people and send them to the workhouses to earn their keep?

Just because people are poor doesn't mean they don't deserve good health care; it is a basic right to expect adequate healthcare, no matter what your income.

Are you saying that if you lost your job tomorrow and ended up penniless, you would happily submit to the treatment you outline in this post? Thought not. I can only assume that you are being facetious, because no one could actually be so stupid as to say those things in earnest.

Have you actually ever experienced socialised healthcare? No one dies waiting for care. I expect that more people die waiting for care in the current US system because they can't afford to go to the hospital.

Seriously. Engage your brain before you write things like this next time.

MasterPo said...

You refuse to answer my question about being able to afford all those extras I listed but not a dime for health insurance.

Typical of a liberal.
Proves my point more.

But let's move on...

You say "Just because people are poor doesn't mean they don't deserve good health care; it is a basic right to expect adequate healthcare, no matter what your income. "

So does that extend to food too?

Suppose someone goes into a supermarket, loads up a shopping cart with all sorts of goodies, and head for the door. When security stops them for not paying they say they can't afford to pay but they have a right to good food too!

You good with that too?

The Lost Goat said...

I think that the bureaucrats to manage this program would cost more than the savings created by the deterrent aspects.

MasterPo said...

Has there ever been any real "savings" made by the government spending more?

I can't think of any.

And what if the powers that be are wrong? What if we spend aaaaallll this money on the promise of big saves that never comes to pass?!

Happens all the time in private life. You spend money on something that proportedly will save you X over Y years but the saves never really materialize.