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June 18, 2009

Tolerance – or Acceptance? The Loss of Condemnation.

In an "enlighten" society like we're supposed to be in now, we are told to be more understanding and tolerant of people with different views and different ways of doing things. On the surface that sounds like a great concept. And after all, not being knee-jerk in reaction or being open minded is (as we are told) the sign of being "enlightened" and more mature.

But there is a very thin line between tolerance and outright acceptance, which ultimately leads to apathy or outright promotion.

Tolerance is when things happen that you have no control over and just have to deal with.
You tolerate rain on the day of your annual BBQ because you can't control the weather.
You tolerate a crying baby on a plane flight because you have to get from A to B the fastest you can.
You tolerate long lines at a store checkout during holiday season because that's the nature of shopping in person (as opposed to online) during that time of year.

And so on….

But how do you tolerate someone who is not only opposed to your point of view but actually working against you? For example, a terrorist.

Some "enlightened" folks tell terrorists are just acting our frustrations at the poor state of their own lives and environment. That's funny. When things aren't going as I want in my life I don't go around blowing up shops and air planes! We are told that we should be tolerant of the different religious point of view of these people. But how "tolerant" can you be when someone insists it is the will of their Faith that he (or she) wants YOU dead?! Sorry, I won't roll over and die for your tolerance.

Another example: A drunk.

We are told people who are chronic drinkers have a "disease". Bull! I don't buy it. Being weak willed is not a disease. Stop being so self centered! If I have to "tolerate" your so-called disease of alcoholism then doesn't that automatically make excessive drinking acceptable? After all, if I can't condemn you for it but have to tolerate it then I must be accepting it? (yes, I have known people with drinking problems and while I have helped them get treatment I still didn't tolerate or accept it in them!)

When you try to become "enlightened" understanding naturally leads to understanding and explaining behaviors and points of view that don't need explanation but need action! Sure it feels good (maybe) to think of yourself on a higher plane of thought and view than others. But you still live in the world of reality.

I don't really care why a terrorist is trying to kill me. Just that they are is good enough for me to oppose them!

I don't really care why someone is addicted to booze or drugs. Just that they are is good enough reason for me to avoid them in my life until they get cleaned up and prove they can stay that way.
There are forces in the world no one can avoid in life. But other things can be met head on and dealt with. The question is: Will you deal with reality head on or prefer to live in a fantasy that feels good?

I choose reality.

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